Author: Susan Fiorentino

Susan Fiorentino is from Staten Island, New York and is currently a Development Associate at Staten Island Academy. She also coaches two cheerleading teams and is a member of the Young Professionals Group for The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Susan enjoys taking group classes at KettleBellas, going to Jets games, and working on building her brand- Bay Resilient Communications.

Working Through Your Struggle and Taking Care of Yourself

by Susan Fiorentino This Valentine’s Day, I celebrated my five-year anniversary of starting my fitness journey at Kettlebella Fitness. Most people probably do not celebrate an anniversary for the first time they took a fitness class, but that day truly changed not only how I handle the stresses of life, but how I feel about […]

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Building Your BossBabe Support Group

by Susan Fiorentino Post college, finding a supportive group that fit my professional needs was difficult for me to find. I attended a very small college, where all my social and support circles where in one bubble. When I needed help with a paper or advice on applying for internships, my advisor and the Career […]

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