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Tenns Reid is the voice and one-woman-show behind the branding, design, and coaching boutique, Bliss & Faith. She helps fellow busy and creative female solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who are passionate about blogging and business bring their brands to life! Her goal is to provide a resource to help them reach their goals, embrace their passions, and strive for success. She is committed to educating, informing,  and sharing with those who want to achieve their dreams. Tenns holds a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in HR and a minor in Sociology.  She has worked in many industries including Retail, Restaurant, HR, & the Military, which has given her a wealth of knowledge and experience. In being a Brand Stylist, Business Coach, Designer, and Blogger, she is able to combine both the creative and artistic side of her brain, with the technical and analytical side.  Tenns loves learning, researching, and solving problems and is so happy to be able to do a job every day the marries so much of who she is, while being able to help others and make a difference in their lives.
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Being Emotionally Intelligent In Your Business

  by Tenns Reid  We’ve all experienced times when our emotions get the best of us, running a business is no exception to this. The thing is that behind everything business is a real person (or people), so naturally when things happen they affect us personally on some level. As a human being, there isn’t […]

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Why You Need to Have a Strategy for Your Brand

  by Tenns Reid Having a brand strategy is crucial to your branding being effective, resulting in having a successful business. If you look at brands like Apple and McDonald’s, they have very clear strategies for their brands, which is why they are so successful. They know exactly who they want to target, how they […]

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Up Your Blogging Ante By Utilizing A Post Checklist

  by Tenns Reid We all want to blog better, in order to best serve our audience, increase stats, and possibly make money. It’s especially important if you blog for your business because you want to ensure that they way you’re conveying your content benefits, promotes, and supports your business. It’s one of the main […]

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