Author: Vernetta R Freeney

Vernetta R. Freeney is the Founder/Chairwoman of the Award-Winning Women Are Gamechangers blog and creator of the Award-Winning Fusion Tour, a national intimate business conversation tour for women who work from home, bloggers and introverts. She is an educator, blogger, speaker, and advocate for women and youth. You will find Vernetta online sharing and discussing topics ranging from blogging, grants, women Gamechangers, social justice, Fusion and the latest news to what’s she has coming up. When she is not online causing people to think, you can find her teaching at a local Houston college, volunteering with a youth organization, speaking somewhere across the country, blogging on her blogs or others, curled up on her couch reading a really good book or cheering on her beloved Dallas Mavericks. Vernetta may have begun her career working in nonprofits then transitioned into education. But her true calling has always been being a champion for women taking control of their purpose in life. Her goal is to help unleash the Gamechanger within many women through Fusion Tour.
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What’s In Your National Tour Plan? by @VRFreeney

by Vernetta R. Freeney | Featured Contributor A national tour needs a solid plan in order to be executed successfully. It also helps you replicate the event in different cities. The purpose of the plan is to ensure all stops on your national tour are as close to identical as possible. With a solid plan […]

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Stand Out From Competition with a National Tour by @VRFreeney

Vernetta R. Freeney | Featured Contributor It’s a new year. Everyone begins with such high expectations. But by the end of January the sizzle begins to fizzle. Why? We usually haven’t thought past the idea. We know what we want but fail to think it through with a solid plan of action. In business what you […]

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