What’s In Your National Tour Plan?

Photo Credit: All Points Public Relations via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: All Points Public Relations via Compfight cc


by Vernetta R. Freeney

A national tour needs a solid plan in order to be executed successfully. It also helps you replicate the event in different cities. The purpose of the plan is to ensure all stops on your national tour are as close to identical as possible.

With a solid plan in place your team members can continue implementing the details of the tour without you micromanaging. So what does a solid plan for a national tour entail? It’s very similar to a third grade  paper.

Here are the essential items you must have…

Who- This is your target, ideal attendee. Identify the characteristics, needs/wants and behavior of your attendees. You must also be able to explain how your tour will benefit them and solve their business or personal problem.

What- What is the purpose or goal of your national tour? What  is the benefit to the attendees? What can they look forward to?

When- This is an important part of the plan. Deciding between day/afternoon/evening or weekend hours. Which time works best for your goal? Also if you truly know your WHO, that will help make the when decision easier.

Where- This is  not a hard decision as much as sticking to your budget. You need to know what cities benefit the most from your goal and are within your budget. Is that a metro area, city, town or rural setting? Will you be centrally located or on the outskirts of the city?

Why- Why is your tour important and beneficial to your ideal attendees? Why is it a must attend event? This is your message so make it relatable and resonate with your ideal attendees.

How- This is where you create a marketing plan that is strategic and concise to get your message out there. Choosing the right team members are also part of this section. Marketing has it’s own budget but make sure it fits into your overall budget for the tour. We’ll talk more about this section in an upcoming post.

No plan is complete without a budget. Yes, your budget may grow but you need a starting point. And if you market effectively from the beginning, you will be able to add money to your overall budget.

Creating the plan for your national tour takes time. It is the most important part of your tour. Mainly if you don’t know why, then your tour will never take off.




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