Spread the Love. 12 Ways to #payitforward on Twitter

Pay it Forwardby Manon Lerou

February means Valentine’s Day. And Valentine’s Day means love.  What a great opportunity d strengthen your existing relationships.

Compliments feel good to receive…but they feel good to give too.

Read on to see 12 great ways to nurture and strengthen your relationships on twitter….for the good of all!

12 ways to pay it forward on twitter:

  1. Share a specific tweet from them to you and let them know how it made a difference in your life.
  2. Give someone a random “virtual tweet hug” and make them smile
  3. Offer someone some free advices…give of your expertise just for the sake of giving
  4. Give a special shout out to your most engaged follower
  5. Give a special shout out to the follower who retweets you the most
  6. Go beyond the twitter and visit one of your follower’s sites/blog, and comment on one of their post and re-share it on twitter …make sure you personalize by saying how it helped or inspired you
  7. Send a $5 #Starbucks card to one of your best brand advocates
  8. Share your favorite twitter bio – don’t overlook this – the bio is quickly forgotten, but is a critical aspect of your followers …and some people are just gifted at creating the most original, heart-warming, laughter inducing, get up and get moving inspiring twitter bio’s (I know talent…pure talent). Help your followers be inspired by those who have inspired you.  Share what makes you laugh.  Share what makes you smile.  Share what makes you think.
  9. Do something “little” but thoughtful for them—like giving them virtual recommendation; a tweet about their product or service.
  10. Send a tweet complimenting them on a talent, skill, or strength that you admire about them. Toot other people’s horns.  Help them see what you admire about them…and help other’s see it too.
  11. Random tweet letting someone know this: “You make the world a better place.”
  12. Think up of ways you can potential #tweetroduce two followers that could potentially work together.  Be a matchmaker.  Help connect people.

It’s easy and it’s free.  Just think of ways to show appreciation.  Think of ways to pat people on the back.  See the great things that others are doing and share them.  If you turn your focus to strengthening your connections and building other people up your network will be stronger and more solid and you will be amazed at the kind of support you have built for yourself.  No matter how it feels when you are alone and creating  your tweets – the whole point of it is to connect with others.

Whatever your motivation for twitter – whatever your service or product or personal objective – your connections are the foundation for your success.  So show love and appreciation and nurture your relationships on twitter, just as you would your other relationships and you will reap the rewards.

May your February be filled with love and new and fulfilling connections….

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