“Your Copy Doesn’t Need to be “’Salesy’” And 2 Other Copywriting Myths

Your Copy Doesn’t Need to be ’Salesy’ And 2 Other Copywriting Myths by @MemmaHough

“Your Copy Doesn’t Need to be “’Salesy’” And 2 Other Copywriting Myths

by Memma Hough

If your copy isn’t ‘salesy’ it’s a bit like a digestive biscuit without the chocolate. Absolutely useless.

Yet people will talk openly about not having to actually ‘sell’ a service or a product. And I honestly believe that lies like this have led to under par sales pages being written across the globe.

Now it’s time to bust some chops and set the record straight.

Top 3 Copywriting Myths

#1 – “Your copy doesn’t need to be ‘salesy’”

Of course I know that when people say ‘salesy’, what they actually mean is hyped up fluff that nobody cares about.

But the trouble I’m finding is that because people are so intent on not pushing forward with their copy to make a sale – it’s failing. People aren’t getting signups. Nobody is biting. Entrepreneurs are looking at their Google analytics and they can see tumble weeds rolling across the screen!

You need to sell yourself and your services in your copy. You can’t do that just by writing a friendly post to people to say “hi”. Fact.

Avoid hype by proving value.

Illustrate the problems that your ideal client has. Paint a vivid picture of what life could be like with your help and show them the proof by telling your own story or a client’s success story.

#2 – “You don’t have to show off”

Really? Think about it. Who would you rather work with; the person who writes “Yeah I’m OK at helping you with that problem, I guess…” OR the person who writes “I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve helped x amount of clients get over that fear and I’m confident that I can help you do the same.”?

I know, right? Complete no brainer.

Of course you can use testimonials so that you don’t have to blow your own trumpet all the time but the most important thing to remember is that if you don’t show off what you know – your ideal client won’t realise that you can help them.

#3 – “You need to use a ‘clever’ headline”

The biggest mistake with this one is the fact that when people think of clever; for some reason their brain instantly switches it to ‘obscure’.

So then you see headlines that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. The writer has thought about some long, complicated metaphor that’s almost like an inside joke for them and… nobody. Nobody else gets the joke and it takes 3 whole paragraphs before any kind of sense can be made of the article/sales page etc.

A clever headline could contain a huge unknown benefit about a subject that most people don’t know or put a slight twist on a subject that’s been written to death. But most of all it’s clear. The reader will understand why they should read the rest of the page and they should be compelled to do so.

Never forget the purpose of your copy; to be clear, show value and compel people to take action.


Memma HoughMemma is the Crackalackin’ Copy Mentor. She helps coaches to craft their own copy that converts while being 100% authentic.

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