Use a Coach and Watch Your Results Sky Rocket in Remarkable Ways


by Lisa Illman

The word coach has traditionally been recognized in professional sports. Names like Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson and Bear Bryan come to mind. Nowadays though, people outside of this exclusive arena are successfully using coaches in a number of areas in their lives. Coaches are being brought into our personal lives and our businesses to help us increase results and accelerate triumphs. I have been fortunate to use a coach in a number of areas of my life including fitness and have first hand watched my results significantly improve. Before choosing my coach, I make it a point to interact several times in order to make sure our values and goals are aligned. When I connected with my fitness coach, Sherri Palackdarry, I knew we would jive and that my efforts would multiply through her guidance. There are three things Sherri told me I would benefit if I used her as a coach. These elements are key to any area of coaching, they won me over and as a result, my results skyrocketed.

These three things are:



“Having a private Facebook page enables my clients to post their meals and their workouts. Being accountable for your actions helps you to be more disciplined and successful. “

I knew when Sherri told me “accountability will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively then going it alone” she was spot on. How many times I have gotten half way to my optimal weight or fitness goals to stop and throw in the towel because I had no support and no accountability. Using a coach who understands the benefit of a support group is really key for me. Sherri is my personal one on one contact for accountability, but she leverages her entire team to really take advantage of this.


“I make myself available to my clients not only through my Facebook page but also through messenger, text messages and both my cell phone and home phone. Accessibility to someone who is really committed and genuinely cares about each individual journey is really important. I want to be there for them every step of the way.”

Being a Social Media Junkie, this immediately spoke to me. I love checking into my Beachbody Facebook Page that Sherri has created. I can check in anytime, day or night. There are so many people in different time zones and different schedules; I have access to support via Facebook anytime I want. Being a Smartphone user, I love these accessibility tools being at my fingertips all the time.


“Seeing other people within the group post their food and their workouts is very motivating. Everyone supports each other on the page. If someone does two workouts on a given day, for example, it motivates others to stay active and also report their extra workouts. The same goes for food. There are some great, healthy recipes posted by the group and this helps everyone stay interested to continue on their journey. “

Staying motivated during the week is key to any goal achieving strategy. I constantly need motivation throughout the day to help me stay on track. When Sherri told me I would find motivation with her group, I knew this would be a good fit. Rather then compete with each other, individuals show support, share best practices and encourage each other; for me, this is the perfect motivation recipe.

Regardless of which facet of your life coaching is desired, having a clear understanding of what you need prior to talking with your prospective coach is important. Identify your goals ahead of time so you can probe your prospective coach to see how she can best help you reach them. As you interact with your coach, watch to see if her energy level matches yours. Identify any possible crucial gaps before committing. The last thing you want to do is work with a coach who has strategies and ideas that are not realistic to what you are trying to achieve. Lastly, trust your gut. Go with a coach you connect with and feel good interacting with. Your coach should be the foundation that sprouts many tools you want to succeed.

I had reached a plateau with my weight and fitness goals. It wasn’t until I started using my Beachbody coach that I broke through this barrier. I lost nine lbs and one dress size since I started with Sherri; a milestone I thought was not even possible. More importantly, I feel better than ever and have met some other wonderful women in the process.




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