Benefits of Blogging for Business


Most businesses who are competing for the top spots in the search results all have one thing in common: they have a blog. Blogging has many benefits and those businesses who invest in creating content for their blogs will be able to see a great return.

But what are the benefits of blogging like a business, and what can your business expect if they decide to start a blog?


Benefits of Blogging


People Read Blogs Prior to Purchasing

One big benefit of blogging is how it works into the buyers’ process.

Think for a second about a time when you made a purchase or began looking for services of some sort.

Before you ended up choosing a product or service, you likely did some type of research before making a final decision.

Many people begin their research process by heading over to Google and typing in some basic queries to find what they are looking for.

As an example, let’s say you are searching for the perfect running shoe. In order to begin your research, you’d likely go to Google and search for the following terms:

  • Best running shoe 2023
  • Best running shoe for women
  • Best affordable running shoe

Searching for these queries on Google brings up a lot of blog posts on the first page comparing various running shoes.

In fact, there isn’t a single product page! Everything is a blog post or an article of some sort.

If you were in the business of selling running shoes, it would make sense for you to begin crafting content around keywords such as the ones above, so when your audience begins looking for a product, your business’s articles (that feature your business’s products or services) are showing up on the first page.

Creating blog content benefits businesses by being able to get their products or services in front of potential customers during their research phase.


Search Engines Prefer Websites with Fresh Content

Websites that are stale and outdated will be dropped off Google’s radar. Google doesn’t like old and irrelevant content, just as much as you and I don’t like reading old news.

Without a blog, keeping your website fresh and full of new content can be very difficult.

However, one obvious benefit of blogging is your website will always be relevant, updated, and fresh according to search engines.


Blogging Increases Traffic

Another huge benefit of blogging for business is all the extra traffic that comes with it. And I don’t just mean any traffic, I mean targeted traffic.

If you are blogging about topics that are related to your business, you should be driving targeted traffic to your website.

The next question then, is how often should you be blogging?

Hubspot did a bit of research into blogging and found that those small businesses who posted, on average, 11 times per month were able to generate 3 times as much traffic as their competitors who were only posting once a month.


Blogging Increases Your Authority

Those who blog have the advantage of being seen as authorities in their niches. Having a blog with helpful and informative content will help you build a sense of trust with your audience and position your business as a leader.

The trust you’re able to build up by providing great content and articles can help turn a new visitor to your website into a loyal customer.


How to Take Advantages of The Benefits of Blogging

In order to see the benefits of blogging you will need to have a blogging strategy in place. Writing articles and posting blogs sporadically will not be enough to benefit your business.

Businesses that have a successful blog have invested the time and resources into doing so. You can start your own blog by dedicating a portion of your time each week to creating content.

Many of the businesses I am hired to help write articles for have found it beneficial to outsource the blogging to someone more experienced, so they can continue focussing on the aspects of their business that they are more comfortable with.


In Conclusion

Landing in the first spot on Google for keywords related to your business is every website owner’s dream. All that targeted traffic would lead to an increase in customers, leads, and sales and help you position yourself as a leader in your niche.

No matter if you choose to let someone write your blog content for you or develop your own blogging strategy, your business will begin to see the benefits of blogging.




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