Bright and Shiney New Keywords- How Do You Find Them?


Finding New Keywords

Now that we have focused on how to find what we are already authority on, using them in our content, building backlinks, you can now move onto finding new ones.

These are the words or phrases that you would like to be found in the search engines for.  You still want to build on the ones you are authority on, but you also need to build your authority on new topics which are relative to your site and get great searches.

Using the same settings as step #2 we will be using the keyword research tool.

What topic would you like to write about? What topic can you write more than one article on? {remember, that once you get searches for this keyword, you will need to repeat that keyword for more articles in the future} This is the topic, phrase that you will be researching.

Type this word and start taking a look at your results.  Some questions to ask- are the searches above 800 per month?   What is the trend for this topic—are you posting it a totally wrong time or great time? What are the other keywords that come up with it? Can you use these in addition to your main one in the article?

All of this info will help you decide if this topic will be a good one to work on.  Sometimes you will find that one you had in mind isn’t a great one, but one that is suggested in addition to it is.  Switch gears if you can and use that more searched keyword instead with the other lower searched phrases as your backup or helpers to the main one.

A lot of times those additional keywords suggested will springboard new topics for me to write on.

If you are in the writing groove, find a few and write those posts up.  Get them scheduled for a future date.  This will help you keep on track and get you ahead of the posting schedule too.

If the timing is bad {you looked at the trends and found that it isn’t the right time to post it} you can still write it up and schedule it for when the trending is going to start. That way you are ahead of the trend, and can be found in the searches before others notice that there is a trend.

Ask questions.  This is a great way to find new topics.  Start your keyword with a question.  The basic how, when, where, what and why will work just fine.  This will allow you to break down your topic even further and make them useful to even beginners.  Go basic with your posts- your readers will thank you.

Can the topic you have be broken down into a series?  Don’t try to jam all that you have found into one post.  Find points that you can write an individual post on and write a whole series.  Make sure you use the same keywords for each post, and link back and forward to each other.  This will help you become an authority of the subject and raise your ranking.

Finding new keywords is a great way to expand the ones that you already rank for,  and build your authority.



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