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Celebrate the Small Stuff!

Celebrate the small stuff

by Edie Berg

What small stuff should you celebrate?


Everything that makes you feel good, brings you satisfaction, gets your juices flowing in the right direction.

There are plenty of things that happen every day that will bring us down. And complain we will.

Traffic, for example. Bills. Bad hair. Bosses.

Easy to think of those.

So let’s slow down and smell the roses, and notice the wonderful small things in life.

Here’s a cheesy list of 26 small things to celebrate to get you started:

  • Apps that have amazingly changed our lives

  • Birthdays, all ages. Books.

  • Cheesy lists

  • Designer undies

  • Education

  • Fresh fruit

  • Good hair days

  • Healthy kids

  • Internet. For sure.

  • Jokes: What do you call a computer that sings? … Adell

  • Karev. Dr. Alex Karev

  • Love. Learning new things

  • Music that gets you moving

  • New shoes

  • Other people cooking for you

  • The perfect cup of coffee

  • Quickies

  • Routine health checks

  • Stars are remarkable

  • Tipping great service

  • Uber?

  • Varieties of M&M’s

  • Weekends

  • Xtremely hard to find an X word. Would xercise work for you?

  • Yearly subscriptions to favorite magazines

  • Zit-less mornings

What would you add to this list?

Which small thing made you smile today?

Tweet your mini-celebration, and let me know!

Happy today to all of us!


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