12 Days of Cooking for Love by @Cooking4LoveATL

Loveby Kendrick Armistead Dopp

The holidays are a time for family and great eats where the key ingredients are easily cooking and love! Here are 12 ways to celebrate and appreciate best moments of the holidays.

On the 12th day send out holiday and new year’s eve cards. Take the time to write something special on each recipients’ cards. One of my dearest friends hand designs her cards.

On the 11th day make a quick treat to have on hand for drop in guests. Roasted spiced almonds with sea salt are very tasty.

One the 10th day get your chef knife and other key knives sharpened for all your holiday cooking. Give your knives love too so they can love your back!

On the 9th day have a simple “go to” recipe for a delicious vegetable side dish that you can bring to any party or dinner gathering. Glazed carrots, parsnips, and or rutabagas are quick and easy.

On the 8th day get out the vases and fill them with flowers. Group different small sizes together and create a warm, festive environment. Grocery stores have great prices on roses, berries, and other flowers. Don’t forget to put one by your bedside.

On the 7th day shop for last minute Christmas gifts at your local small business owned boutiques for unique gifts. No lines or difficult parking.

On the 6th day invite your closest friends over to share cocktails and a light dinner. Open a good bottle of wine and enjoy! Tis’ the season.

On the 5th day plan your holiday menus, especially if you have family coming into town to stay. Don’t get caught up in the last minute grocery store frenzy!

On the 4th day plan your wardrobe for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Of course the hostess has to look fabulous!

On the 3rd day do something for yourself! Take a coffee break alone at your favorite cafe’, get a massage, or go for a jog. Love your minutes!

On the 2nd day give love to those in need. Cook a full meal for a needy family or donate Winter clothing.


Kendrick A. DoppKendrick Armistead Dopp, is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and later Nashville, TN began her lifelong journey with cooking at the age of twelve. She began to journal her cooking experiences as a teenager and has chronicled cooking techniques and experiences that not only delighted her guests but also nurtured loving relationships. After 15 years of commercial real estate, Kendrick left a successful career and launched her passion with food and relationships through her blog Cooking for Love Atlanta! Kendrick acts as your “Kitchen Counselor” for love in the kitchen and in your life, as she has helped her followers not only learn to cook but also learn to cook up better relationships.

Kendrick is a graduate of the University of Memphis, she later studied creative writing at Emory, and is currently a candidate in Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts program. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Paul Dopp, and three dogs; two of them Italian Greyhounds named Nicky and Farah, and a Golden-Rottweiler mix named Whiskey.

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