The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Freedom by @LyndseyOBM

by Lyndsey Gilchrist
The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Freedom

Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” -Confucius

That’s all very well, Confucius, and I do wholeheartedly agree with you, but I think it’s crucial to have an element of entrepreneurial freedom too.

No matter how much you love your business, or how much it doesn’t feel like ‘real’ work, it’s important to get the right work/life balance.

And entrepreneurial freedom isn’t something that comes easily.

Quite often, outsiders mistake entrepreneurial freedom for a ‘lucky break’. This is hardly ever the case though. How many seriously successful entrepreneurs do you know? How many of them do you really think are an overnight success? How many of them have a string of failed businesses behind them? Exactly – lucky breaks aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Entrepreneurial freedom needs careful planning, attention and consideration. And whether you’re just starting out in business or you’re looking to ramp things up a serious notch, here are a few ideas to help you pave your way.

Change your mindset…

Firstly, remember you’re not an employee anymore so don’t think like one. Change your mindset and think like an entrepreneur. Before making any big decisions, get out of your ‘little old me’ syndrome and think like a savvy successful entrepreneur. Having the guts to take risks and embrace opportunities takes a special kind of spirit, and that’s why entrepreneurship is a vocation. Don’t stay shackled in the employee mindset or you’ll create your own boundaries and never reach your potential.

Find financial freedom…

It’s easy when you start your entrepreneurial journey to undervalue yourself but try to avoid this if you can. Just because you’re new on the block, it doesn’t mean that your past 20 years in the industry doesn’t count. If you’re confident in your skills and experience, you can charge a higher fee and avoid competing with the lower priced companies. Start as you mean to go on and you’ll never have to put a ceiling on your earning potential. Quantity is more important than quantity so think about whether you’d rather work for 10 clients a month and charge them £100 each or 2 clients at £500. It’s your business, it’s your call.

Create a business that revolves around YOUR needs…

This is your business, your life and your dream so make sure you remember this when you’re sorting out the nuts and bolts of your business. You don’t need to cater for each and every client whim and you don’t need to accommodate every request (you have to learn to say no sometimes). Make sure your business revolves around your needs, your family, your lifestyle and everything else will slot into place.

Discover your dream team…

Your business will soar once you have your dream team in place. Take time out to research and find the right freelance specialists and start taking serious steps towards your entrepreneurial freedom. Having the right Online Business Manager, Virtual Assistant, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Web Specialist and PR people to call on means you’re going to be unstoppable. Not only will they free up your time and energy but they can also be your golden ticket into the six-figure income club.

Don’t underestimate your entrepreneurial skills and don’t stay in a blinkered mindset otherwise your earning potential, your success and your dreams of independence will never become a reality.

If you’re looking for your dream team, then let’s have a chat. My Online Business Manager services and my team of virtual experts can help you find that all-important freedom sooner than you think.


Lyndsey GilchristLyndsey Gilchrist is an online business manager (OBM) based in Glasgow, Scotland. She has a vast amount of entrepreneurial experience, which she uses to support all kinds of different businesses. She likes nothing more than helping clients to move their business forward and help them to increase productivity.

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