Moving Forward with Your Belief's in Your Life and Business @beck_ruiz

Moving Forward with Your Belief’s in Your Life and Business @beck_ruiz

Moving Forward with Your Belief's in Your Life and Business @beck_ruiz

by Rebecca Ruiz | Featured Contributor

Belief’s we either love or hate them but they are part of who we are which means that we always have a choice because they don’t have to be our reality. Every single one of us has thoughts, beliefs and fears that are either conscious or unconscious, while it’s easy to spot the conscious ones we don’t know what’s hiding beneath the surface in our unconscious mind. How are these beliefs holding us back in our life and business?

Before we get into how our beliefs and how they effect us in our businesses I’m going to start at the very start where our beliefs are born. When you come into the world you don’t have belief’s just yourself and as a very young child you explore life free from limitations. As you start to get a little bit older you learn from other’s what’s ok to do and what will get you into trouble, this is where beliefs are born usually learnt from our parents or people close to us.

We bring these into our lives as adults and sometimes we don’t know why we do what we do and act in a certain ways because it’s just the way you have always done things. You always have a choice and today we are going to look at top 3 beliefs’ I have come across in my life coaching business that hold us back. Then we are going to use some proven tools to start working on your belief’s right now to get you results.

I’m not good enough

As a life coach this one belief I hear the most and it’s one of the most challenging ones to move forward with. This belief can be hiding behind anything as it can pop up in any situation or when you are starting something new. Let’s be honest us business owners are always facing new challenges in our business daily, we are learning new things as well as systems and we are pushing our limits in areas such as getting visible to our customers. While this is confronting by itself when we have the belief saying I’m not good enough it can stop you in your tracks by preventing you from moving forward and stepping up.

I don’t have enough money

This is another very popular belief and one that is very closely related to I’m not good enough. When we don’t believe in ourselves it usually reflects in our bank account and how we charge for our services in our business. To run a profitable business we have to believe we are worth the money we are charging and not giving away too many free or cheap products to our clients. In order for us to be successful this is a big belief we must look at to move forward.

What if I fail?

The last belief I’m going to talk about is What if I fail? This belief can sometimes even stop you before you release a new product, service or social media campaign because you talk yourself out of it before you even start. Or if you get to the stage of launching a new product or service or working with groups this belief can limit our sales and earning potential.

So how can we move past these beliefs and start moving forward quicker in our business and everyday life? As we have now gone through the very first step which is giving the belief’s a voice and being aware of them. The next step I am sharing a proven tool I use with my clients that help them bring awareness to their belief system that way they can start making changes. Ask yourself some of these questions below to help uncover what you are thinking.

  1. If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you belief is possible in your life? (The key is to dream as big as you can here)
  2. What are your current beliefs about money?
  3. What are your current beliefs about how you feel about yourself as a person?
  4. What is your current belief’s about your life in general?

Let go of any judgment you might be feeling and be gentle with yourself while asking these questions. If you have any others write them down.

Over the next few weeks now you have this new awareness start letting go of these old belief’s that no longer serve you. Some options to help you are

  • Meditate on the belief’s
  • Write a daily journal
  • Have positive affirmations

Start taking action to move forward with your belief’s and creating more success if your life. I would love to hear from you about what beliefs are keeping you stuck in your life and business?


Rebecca RuizRebecca Ruiz is a certified confidence life coach, professional copywriter, blogger, and freelance writer at Life Perceptions based in Perth Australia. She inspires women entrepreneurs through her one on one life coaching to build their self esteem along with their confidence to create more success in their life and businesses. She runs her exclusive invitation only small group program “Mentoring for Success” twice per year.

Rebecca has always being a writer since she was a child and now uses her skills as a professional copywriter. She loves making words come alive by writing web copy, SEO and sales pages that helps women entrepreneurs make more money. She combines her unique style of coaching and copywriting skills to teach women how to write their own copy with confidence. She also loves freelance writing, blogging in her favourite areas of personal development and travel for online magazines.

When Rebecca isn’t working she loves practicing yoga along with sampling gourmet food and wine with her husband.

You can find out more and connect with Rebecca on and Twitter.

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