How To Determine Which Tasks To Delegate In Your Business by @pressforward1

How To Determine Which Tasks To Delegate In Your Business

by Angela Chatham

As a busy entrepreneur, there are many areas that need handling on a daily basis, and it can be overwhelming. It is important to focus on the priorities in your business, continue to grow your business, and provide value to your clients. To run your business efficiently and not get wrapped up in time-consuming tasks it is important to build the right team.

There are two types of tasks that need to be done but can drain your time which are administrative tasks and specialty work.

Administrative tasks can be easily delegated by finding the right person and then putting steps in place to ensure success. Often entrepreneurs find themselves doing administrative tasks because they know how to do them, but it is not the best use of time.

Then, there is the specialty work that requires a particular type of skill such as web development or graphic design. To save money entrepreneurs will attempt these tasks on their own and spend countless hours trying to learn a program or get the project right yet end up with less than desirable results. More money is spent in the end because there is not only the expense of hiring someone after the fact but the time loss trying to do it in the first place.

Remember, time is money.

Therefore, this is not the best use of an entrepreneur’s time. Let the experts handle the specialty items.

To determine what tasks you need to begin delegating and to whom, follow these six simple steps:

1. Create a Chart to Lists Your Tasks

List all your tasks whether big or small by keeping a log for a week or two. This is a key component to analyzing where you are spending your time. You will be surprised how many tasks you are personally handling once you start logging them. You can create your chart either on paper or in a spreadsheet similar to the Google Sheets sample I created for you called Task Accountability.

2. Estimate the Time Spent on Each Task

Enter the estimated time needed to perform each task in the Hours/week column. You want to get the time as close as possible so you can see where your time is being spent.

3. Categorize the Tasks

In the Type of Task column, mark whether a particular task is “routine”, “as-needed”, or “value” based. The routine and as-needed tasks are the ones you will delegate as they need to be done and are important but do not require your expertise to get accomplished. The value based tasks are where you want to spend your time because they require your expertise and help build your business.

In the Type of Skill column, mark which ones are “administrative” that you could train someone else on. Mark any “specialty” tasks that an expert could handle. Next to the value based tasks, mark “my skills”.

4. Analyze Your List

Use this time to remove any tasks that no longer serve a purpose and that do not bring overall results and value to your business. Add any tasks not started, but need attention.

5. Assign the Tasks

Determine who can best handle the task according to their skill set. Fill in the person’s name in the Assigned To column. If you need to find someone, enter “recruit” until you fill the position.

6. Re-evaluate Your List Periodically

Again remove any tasks no longer needed. Add new tasks that you find yourself doing and those of your team to be sure the right person is doing the task. Adjust as necessary to bring out the best skills in yourself and your team to help build your business.

Your “Pressing Forward” Moment: What tasks do you need to delegate today? Share one below in the comments.


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  1. Lauren Doolin

    This is a topic I have been contemplating recently and your article was very helpful. Thank you!

    1. Angela

      Lauren, glad the tips were helpful to you. I hope you are able to narrow down and really focus on the tasks that need your attention. It will help reduce stress and make things more efficient and productive. All my best, Angela

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