Getting Started On Etsy I: Preparation Sets the Stage!

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5 Replies to “Getting Started On Etsy I: Preparation Sets the Stage!”

  1. Marti

    Excellent article! I have a friend who sells on etsy and she told me to get a small business set up before opening an etsy account. Do you agree with that? I’ve been doing a search looking for a guide for that and it is either so simple that people just know what to do without being told, or most people don’t do it.

  2. prajakta t.

    hey ,I have a question .. I did not open any etsy account yet but I want to open one for selling my arts .. I live in india can you tell me how can I ship my arts from india to other countries
    please help!!!

    1. pooja

      Hi Prajakta ,

      HAve you started selling on etsy ? I, too am in India and exploring the option of selling on etsy. Would like to hear of your experience, if you can.


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  4. Pixel Frau

    Don’t forget to also check domain availability when choosing your Etsy shop name. If you plan on making/selling full-time, selling wholesale and/or approaching high-profile blogs/magazines, you should also have a website. To keep branding consistent, your domain name should match your Etsy shop name as closely as possible.

    You can read more about this here:

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