5 Holiday-themed Content Ideas for Busy Entrepreneurs by @GroupXMich

5 Holiday-themed Content Ideas for Busy Entrepreneurs

by Michelle Fav | Featured Contributor

For entrepreneurs, the holidays can be utter chaos. From fitting in extra holiday parties, family time and managing that end-of-year surge in sales and site visits, it can feel like there’s no way to avoid dropping at least one ball with so many in the air. When things start to get busy, I oftentimes see businesses start to neglect their content programs — I know I’ve been a culprit of this. Yet, having a steady stream of fresh content ideas and posts is mission critical in order for your business to rank on search engines.

Sometimes the hardest part about creating new content for your site is brainstorming the new topics, so I’ve gone ahead and done some of the dirty work for you. Here are five holiday-themed content ideas you can personalize and write about pretty quickly on your site.

  1. A gift guide catering to your target audience.

Gift guides are popping up all over the place, because they’re timely posts that allows you to promote products from partners and/or affiliate programs, and also showcase new products in your industry. Many consumers are online looking for holiday gifts right now, and this is a great way to authentically reach that population. For example, I posted this Black Friday sales roundup right before Thanksgiving this year.

  1. A round-up of your top-performing or favorite posts from 2016.

This is one of the easiest posts to do, and it’s a great link building strategy for SEO. Check out your analytics tools to identify your top-performing blog posts, then do a brief paragraph write-up on each post with a link back to each one. I love that this helps get extra legs out of your existing content.

  1. A predictions piece for 2017.

Are there any trends you’re looking forward to in 2017? It’s fun to think ahead and make some predictions about what will happen in the coming year in your industry. For example, in the fitness industry, will high-intensity intervals continue to dominate headlines, or will something else take its place in the spotlight?

  1. A customer spotlight.

The holidays are a great time for giving back, and one way to do that is show your customers your appreciation for them on your blog or content hub. Pull a screen grab of some of your favorite customer tweets and Facebook comments on your social profiles, showcasing the cool things your customers are doing with your products.

  1. Any extra FAQs for the holiday season.

Are you extending your returns policy? Have you been out of stock of one item that’s coming back in stock soon? Are you discounting your services now through Dec. 24? A blog post is a nice way to let your audience know what’s going on, and keep them in the loop as you get updates.

Quickie posts are totally acceptable when you need to get content out fast in the middle of your busy season. Once things start to slow, you’ll want to balance it out with some longer form content to please search engines. These content ideas will help to give your content program some much-needed TLC in the middle of the busiest time of year.


Michelle Fav GroupXFitnessTips.comMichelle Fav, PR expert, group fitness instructor and blogger behind GroupXFitnessTips.com.

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  1. Michelle Chavez

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for these awesome content ideas. It’s truly helpful this holiday season. I agree that the hardest part in creating content is truly at the start, the brainstorming part, sometimes there a lot of ideas the pops out that needs to be filter to have a focus one but sometimes nothing popping in. And thanks for this handy list, I got some things to start writing on.

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