How To Be So Compelling Your Prospects Can’t Resist Buying From You. by Crystal O’Connor

by Crystal O’Connor

How compelling is your offer? Can your prospects resist buying from you or are they confused about what exactly you do? Have you asked your customers what they think of you and your service? You should. You should ask them what specific results were achieved after working with you. Take those exact words and use them in your marketing.

It’s all about results here. Here are a few tips that should really help you break through the clutter out there in your marketing so you can get more clients.

When you’re compelling, you make your prospects unable to resist buying from you.

1. Construct compelling questions that you know your customers will answer ‘Yes’ to. Make them short and powerful. Put them on the back of your business card and use them in your social media posts. Touch on their pain and help them realize that your know their ‘pain’ and you can alleviate it. Use questions that lead them to say “YES, Please!” Here is the back of my business card with sample questions I’m referring to. (see pic)

2. Create a testimonial page showcasing your customers using their words to describe the results after working with you. Dedicate a page on your site to the testimonials and use your clients pictures. Make sure the testimonial is discussing the RESULTS they got after working with you…. NOT how they feel about how you dress or that you are a super nice person. People want results…it’s not a dating site! Check out my testimonial page here.

3. Use ‘how-to’ headlines in your blog content often. This offers them useful information and leads them to realize your knowledge base. It builds know, like and trust. Give them what they need so they become convinced you know what you’re talking about. Tell them something not only helpful but something they’ve likely never heard before.

4. Create a signature Ebook/ Audio or Info. product to use for clarifying what you’re known for. This will help them realize your specialty are helps you stand out in the crowd. I’m known for helping my clients create multiple income streams. My products are found in my product suite. Go to here to see what products I offer.

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Crystal O'ConnorCrystal O’Connor has spent 20 years mastering sales and marketing skills in 4 major industries. She’s helped hundreds of small business owners develop razor sharp marketing campaigns and break sales records. As a sales executive she consistently broke sales records and landed accounts others deemed impossible.

She now teaches Women how to start a business from scratch while taking them to six figures and beyond fast. In three short years alone Crystal launched 3 businesses that are making money every day. Her coaching business, The Moxie Entrepreneur surpassed six figures in just 9 months. Often referred to as the ‘closer’ she knows what it takes in sales and marketing and isn’t afraid to spill the beans on what works and what doesn’t for small businesses wanting to take leaps in revenue.

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