Time to Embrace the Power of Your Tweets

the power of your tweetsby Manon Leroux

I have been “tweeting” consistently for many years now and it is through countless conversations, #chats and shares that I have come to realize one thing about Twitter.

Its Power, its effect on others, it’s ability to start a chain reaction and more!

I hear so many people complain that they do not have the time to tweet or just do not get why people even waste time on Twitter.

I have even heard some say that they would not “do Twitter” because it is unprofessional.

I am here to tell you differently… I am a STRONG believe in twitter and how beyond anything else Twitter offers each and every one of us Power… and I would invite you to think about it this way!

Your twitter account, your tweets is all in your control YOU decide what to tweet, YOU decide when to tweet, YOU decide who to tweet with! Instead of thinking about Twitter as a chore, a task, think about it as a tool.

A tool that gives YOU “power”

You have the power to make a difference, you have the power to spread an important message, you have the power to use this platform that can reach people globally.

(And it’s free to use… well, kind of, but that is a whole other topic!)

So you don’t get what Twitter is about… it’s not about what you get it’s about what you can DO with Twitter!

For those that think that tweeting is “unprofessional” I beg to differ… to tweet is part of your social responsibility.

Politicians are doing it to share their message…

Cancer survivors are doing it to inspire others…

Celebrities: Baseball players, Hockey players, Actors are doing it to connect with their fans…

Upcoming celebrities are doing it to get exposure…

Non-profit organizations are doing it to raise funds & awareness… to name just a few examples!

We have been given a tool, that has the potential to reach millions of people… how can you see this as a “daunting chore”.

I can’t help but wonder how much more influencers like Steve Job, whom transformed the world of technology by inspiring millions to think “outside” the box could of done if Twitter had been around when he was just starting his journey… he did not have that luxury but WE do.

I can’t tell you what you are to DO with it, but I bet somewhere in your story there is something that can help others and or help make this world a better place. Yes, we ALL have a tool available to us that can make this world a better place… stop worrying about not getting it and start focusing on what you can do with it!

The POSSIBILITIES are endless!

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