How Entrepreneurs Can Have Work-Life Balance Today


The term work-life balance used to make me think of one of those old-timey brass bankers’ scales – the one where if you put something on one side, it leans that way, and then you need to add something to the other side to balance it out again.

This is the worst visualization of work-life balance possible. I would know. I’m a work-life balance coach for entrepreneurs

The problem with those bankers’ scales is that they require perfection. Both sides must be weighted equally to achieve balance. But when that’s your imagining of work-life balance, work-life balance becomes impossible. 


Here’s What Achievable Work-Life Balance Actually Is:


My balance is never a perfect 50/50, but it is on purpose. Some weeks I work a ton of hours and other weeks I make my workload lighter. I take the occasional Friday off for an adventure and sometimes I work on the weekends. 

The important part is that I choose how to spend my time and energy. Work never happens to me. I am intentional in how I balance my time and energy. 


The best work-life balance doesn’t have much to do with hours spent, it has to do with being in the moment. 

If I am “all in” and fully focused on work, I am single-tasking instead of multitasking. This allows my mind to be present with the task at hand. It gives me a relaxed energy instead of a frantic feeling. 

When I spend quality time with my family (not worried about work and not checking my phone, just living in the moment with my favorite people), the amount of time is less important. It’s all about the quality – being fully present. 

When you build the skills of intentional imbalance and being “all in”, work-life balance becomes attainable instead of being about impossible perfection. 




Christine White is a work-life balance coach for entrepreneurs and the creator of the Check-Boxes Planning System. She helps online entrepreneurs grow freedom-giving businesses while enjoying their beautiful lives. You can join her monthly coaching membership via her website

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