How Female Intuition Becomes the Silent Upper Hand in Business

How Female Intuition Becomes the Silent Upper Hand in Business

by Sitara Fe

Ladies who step into the workplace and over depend on their masculine energy to compete with men are wildly missing out on the most powerful aspect that sets us apart from men, our intuition. Intuition is considered an aspect of feminine energy that exists within all men and women, although through the ages of time, intuition and dare I say, psychic abilities have been suppressed like women during the witch hunts. Don’t get me started on how long this has been going on, I know your time is valuable so I will focus on supporting your greatest superpower.

As women, we have the ability to create life inside our form, all of us, no matter medical circumstances or personal choices. When this energy to create life is not working toward creating a child, we often unconsciously give it away to the men around us by means of biological programming. Meaning, when women are around men, they naturally are designed to support their biological protective purpose for the sake of procreation. In the modern age of the corporate environment, none of this is being talked about or taken into account. A great book that goes into detail on our biological programming is Buddha’s Brain.

So, in order to catch our subconscious natural instincts, not to mention patriarchal programming to see men as authority over women, it is up to us to redesign how we are utilizing our own natural energy and creative resources.

Your womb is a natural doorway to creation, no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs. This is the space where your body knows, without your mind’s interference, how to create human life. This is why it is KEY to learn to trust your body and your womb. Think about it for a moment, your body can create a full human being and your mind actually has no intelligent say in the matter or the how. This represents a very distinct difference between men and women… and when you are able to become the master of your own energy in this way and apply it to your desire to create and or perform in the workplace, it can become a wildly powerful secret superpower.

In my personal opinion, women’s intuition is one of the most extraordinary aspects of this human experience that goes wildly overlooked. So how do we reconcile and bring awareness and respect to ourselves as females and the naturally innate powers we all have?

Personal responsibility and respect for self… and ancient cultures. (I’m just going to casually slip this one in here.) Truth be told, it is up to each woman as an individual to learn how to open to her natural abilities by respecting what is within and by learning how to heal and dissolve programming that has stifled and suppressed this naturally powerful energy that all women have embodied for all of time.

I believe we are here as the rise to divine feminine creative potential and there is not a woman who lives on this planet without these natural superpowers. So, you combine that with the resources and opportunities in today’s modern culture and truly we can reach any height or experience our heart desires.

Sitara Fe is Ranked Top 5 Female Psychic Medium and has used her skills to train 100s of intuitives to trust their natural senses to co-create the life of their ideal personal vision. She has been combining business coaching with her psychic development classes since 2016 and is wildly passionate to continue serving the awakening of humanity by encouraging intuitive trust and inner guidance above all.

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