How to Crush Your Big 2020 Goals even when the World Around You Is Falling Apart

by Rakel Chafir

Whether there’s a global pandemic spreading, you just lost your number one client, or you’re in the midst of a divorce—or all three—you have other options beside curling up in your pajamas, turning the blinds down, and spending the day scrolling through social media waiting for something else to happen. You can still double your email list by the end of the year, launch your online course, get your new website up and running, and create multiple sales funnels. So go ahead, feel your feelings fully, let them all come out, but know this one thing: Your life and your business is only on hold if you decide it should be on hold.

Here are five things you can do to overcome low energy and refocus of your Big Goals when the world around you is falling apart:

1. Write down your goal (every day as soon as you wake up):
Writing down your big goals every single day means you’ll look at them every single day. It’s a constant, powerful reminder of where to put your focus. According to a study on goal setting, people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve it than those who don’t and yet very few people actually do it. It will take you only a few minutes, but it will help you stay consistent on your journey to success.

2. Keep a solid daily routine (no matter what happens around you):
Maintaining specific daily habits such as waking up at a specific time everyday, having a healthy breakfast, working out, showering, getting dressed, putting on makeup, and sitting down for a journalism session before doing or dwelling on anything else, can reduce our stress level and help us feel more in control of our lives while we are coping with change. No matter what’s going to happen, know that you will be having your meals at the same time, that we’ll be wearing fresh clean clothing, and that you’’ll be moving your body every single day.

3. Re-calibrate your nervous system:
Anxiety, fear, anger, and frustration are natural responses to stress, which can be expected during turbulent times. However if ignored or left unchecked, those unpleasant feelings will snowball and become extremely harmful to both your physical and mental health, not to mention, they will prevent you from having the clarity you need to consistently take action and move forward on your goals.
From simple breathing exercises, to meditation, and conscious body movement, all you need to practice along with some of the world most renown experts in the field, is an Internet connection and a digital device. Make it a priority.

4. Implement a Bounce Back Strategy:
If we don’t take a positive next step, we risk being caught in an emotional loop of failure. When you are having one of those days where even getting out of bed seems like an effort, take a deep breath, forgive yourself and let it go fully. Recognize that you are in it for the long run, then pick up your journal and answer these questions:
1. Which action can I take at this moment to feel even a little better?
2. What can I do differently tomorrow / this week/ this month?
3. What’s the biggest challenge I have overcome in my life?

5. Stay connected:
The feeling of isolation can fuel depression and contribute to the feeling of low energy and hopelessness. Be proactive about reaching out to others, speak about your feelings and ask how they’re doing as well. Doing that will help you get out your own bubble and boost your mental health. Above all, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. There are countless professional services and support groups you can find on the web if friends and family don’t feel like a good option at this moment.


Rakel Chafir is a body confidence expert and success coach who teaches women how to heal their relationship with their body so they can reach their full potential in life. Her signature approach combines physical movement, resilience training and spiritual principles to help clients let go of unwanted weight, eliminate addictive behaviors, and more. Rakel has worked in some of New York City’s most elite studios as a certified personal trainer and also has an extensive background in health and wellness that includes being a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, a Master Expert in Hypopressive Abdominal Method and more. Her expertise has been featured on Thrive Global. Rakel is the author of the forthcoming Free Your Body: 7 Steps To Get The Freedom You Deserve and the Body You Desire (November 2020).

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