How to Find Freelance Film Gigs

by Lena Strothe

Being a freelancer is both incredibly freeing and nerve-racking. Choosing your projects and determining your own schedule is a luxury, but it is also a constant grind to find your next lead or client. The entertainment industry is especially notorious for its competitive and cutthroat nature when it comes to staffing. With that in mind, here are a couple of helpful tips for finding your next gig:


Social media is an absolute must for freelancers, especially for those of us in audio/visual fields. Update your Twitter with work availability, post pictures of your latest project on Instagram, and be on the lookout for Facebook groups that are specific to your field. I have gotten a lot of my leads just by periodically checking on 10-20 production resource groups. Personal favorites include “Freelancing Females” and “I Hella Wanna Be On Set.”


There are tons of great ways to look for gigs online nowadays, but ideally, you’ll want to stick to sites that cater to our industry. Mandy, Production Hub, and Staff Me Up are all good examples of this, although it can be easy to get lost in the sheer amount of applicants. Try to be as specific in your search and in your profile (union affiliations, genre experience, special skills, etc.) as you can. For a smaller, more vetted community, you may also want to check out Wrangle, an invite-only community and staffing platform for media freelancers that rely on recommendations, user feedback and a verifiable professional work history when selecting for members.


For a lot of industry folks, a good amount of time is spent networking, prepping, budgeting, and pitching for the next project. While these are all tasks that can technically be done from your home desk or – let’s be honest – living room couch, I would urge freelancers to consider spending some of this time at a coworking space. Each city has different options, but popular hubs like WeWork or the more women-centric community The Wing are a fantastic way to meet likeminded creatives while writing, working or grabbing coffee at the communal kitchen. Another plus: they offer great networking events that may help you widen your client base!

Alright, best of luck out there ladies. Network, promote and co-work your way to the next dream production gig. Break a leg!



Lena is an LA-based Content Producer, specializing in Film Marketing. Notable theatrical campaigns include Aquaman, Ocean’s 8 and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

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