How to Get your Facebook Ads to Massively Convert Quickly

by Elaine Slatter | Featured Contributor

How to Get Facebook Ads to Massively Convert

If you are not getting your facebook ads to massively convert, then there are few things to check out in your ads manager set up.   You might be surprised to learn that you need a very BIG target audience for your facebook ads to massively convert.  We can help you find that large audience.

But first, let’s go through the important parts of facebook ads manager that you may be missing when setting up your facebook ads.

From your business page ads manager page there are three options for your campaign depending on your marketing objectives.   The 3 choices are:  Awareness, Consideration, CONVERSION.

Make sure you pick CONVERSION


How to Select Your Audience

You can select your warm audience by choosing from the option

Optimization for Ad Delivery

Warm audience (those who already have visited your website.   These can be tracked through a facebook pixel you have installed on your website.

Warmer audience (a look-alike audience to the one who has already visited your website)

These two options are for people who already have a lot of visitors to their website and who are also facebook users.

Next you can pick your audience by




The larger your set of criteria, the larger the number of people targeted.   If you are a local business, your target audience will be relatively small.  Your audience would  consist of only the cities that you service and the age group/gender who are likely to buy your products.

If you are a company that offers a digital service, you can select a much larger location because it doesn’t matter if they live in California, Alaska or anywhere else in North America.


What is “Detailed Targeting”?

Next you can get more specific with your targeting by selecting the “Detailed Targeting” section.  This is your COLD audience. If you are new to business or do not have a facebook pixel on your website or a lot of facebook friends for your business page, you may only have a cold audience. That’s ok!

Your audience can consist of



For a cold audience you can look at facebook suggestions or type in a name of someone who has an alignment to the same interests.  For example, if you are promoting yoga training, you might want to pick an audience that includes Brene Brown or Meditation because people who are interested in yoga are also interested in Brene Brown or Meditation.  Or you might want to pick the specific types of yoga such as Hot Yogo or Hatha Yoga.

Targeting Ad spend

The reach of your ad and the conversion rate suggestions from Facebook depend on your ad spend.

In the example of “Yoga” for a Yoga training ad, we have selected a daily spend of $20 x 7 days a week = $140/week.

This is the resulting reach of this ad spend using a location of United States, Gender = female and the age group of 25-45.  It is based on a “cold” audience only.   Your results would be much better if you had a “warm” audience and a “look alike audience”.



What does Facebook Say About Your Potential Ad?

The audience reach is how many people will see this ad based on the ad spend budget

Conversion rate = the number of people who are likely to purchase the product in your ad given your selection criteria and your ad spend.  When you are setting up your facebook ad, you can play with the different criteria to see what happens to the conversion rate

As you can see to get your facebook ads to massively convert quickly your target audience needs to be very big and your budget has to be around the $140/week especially if you have a cold audience.

If you have the facebook pixel installed and you have a warm and a lookalike audience, the results will be much different because the conversion rate will be a lot higher.

To get your facebook ads to massively convert think of these two things. Not only do you need to have a great offer, but you will need to play around with your target audience in Facebook Ad Manager.  One good thing…..playing in Ad Manager is free!  Spend your time devising a converting audience as well as designing the ad itself.

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