How To Increase Millennial and Gen Z Brand Loyalty

by Jyothi Tulasi

Gone are the days when young generations were moved by the TV ads and would get convinced to buy a product. Nowadays, millennials and Gen Z are more engaged in social media than any other channel. They are more interested in tagging their friends for a commercial brand rather than engaging with a disconnected content on television.

Why so? Simply because it gives them a feeling of community. When on social media, they are surrounded by their friends and acquaintances and watching their behavior. When a commercial ad comes through one of their known ones, the impact is immensely effective. They are more interested in knowing the choices of their peers and get easily influenced by them.

So, the challenge for the modern companies is to penetrate the social circle of their prospects to gain credibility and thereby, acquire new customers. Brand loyalty means more to the millennials than to purchase a product from any company that has no referrals.

So how can you increase brand loyalty among millennials and gen Z? The answer to that lies in 4 different points:

  1. Loyalty programs through gamification
  2. Omnichannel marketing
  3. Digital ad campaigns
  4. Authenticity

Let’s take a brief look at each of these ways separately.


Loyalty programs through gamification

Millenials and gen Z get usually more engaged when a company offers loyalty points to them. These points are followed by rewards and incentives that keep them loyal to the brand. If you can convert their customer journey into fun and enjoyment through SaaS gamification techniques, then it can leave a lucrative impact on your business. They would be more eager to earn those rewards and that would eventually develop their loyalty towards your brand.


Omnichannel marketing

To increase the credibility of your brand, you have to run an omnichannel marketing campaign. When millennials and gen Z watch your ads over multiple platforms, it builds their trust because of your wider reach. You need to study their online behavior and select all the different forums, websites, social media platforms of which they are an active member. Then displaying ads on all of these platforms would confirm that you are a part of their community and keep a holistic understanding of their interests and choices.


Digital ad campaigns

If you are specifically targeting millennials and gen Z, it is wise to not spend on ads on traditional platforms like TV, radio or billboards. These generations are so engaged on digital platforms that they hardly spare a moment on traditional marketing mediums. Through digital ads, things have gotten more concise and specific. Furthermore, the average attention span of millennials has gone down to 8 seconds. With such a low attention span, you can gain their attention only through digital ads.



Last but not the least, these generations have gotten extra sensitive towards brand’s authenticity. The moment you try to dupe any millennial or gen Z person, their feedback spreads instantly like a forest fire. The major reason for that is they are more expressive while at the same time highly interconnected and social as compared to older generations. Hence, brand authenticity is must to fetch their loyalty. Any product you sell or any offer you make to them, ensure that you are genuinely adding value to them and their loyalty would follow on its own.


Wrapping Up

For any SaaS business, it is vital to nurture lifelong relationships with their customers. And to build such lifelong relationships, you need to start acquiring customers who are on the verge of beginning their careers. By investing in acquiring loyalty from younger generations, you are actually investing in a long-term strategy. The earlier you begin building your relationship with them, the more sustainable your business would become over the long term. As long as you are providing value to them with complete authenticity, they would remain loyal to your brand. Not only that they would also turn into your brand advocates fetching more customers for you.



Jyothi Tulasi is tech-savvy and proficient in technical SEO optimization for various SaaS products. She has profound expertise in outreach. She loves connecting to people and singing in her free time.










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