How To Repurpose Your Blog post Content by @tiffdotcom

How to repurpose your blog post content

by Tiff Breyne

If you’ve been blogging for at least a few months, chances are that you’ve got some killer content that’s sitting on your blog unused and unnoticed.

You put in a lot of work to make your blog valuable and gain you a reputation as a lady who knows what she’s talking about. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to take that hard work and create ongoing interest in your blog?

Well my friend, you totally can.

Here are three ways to dust off your blog archives and put them to use for building up your business:

1. Create an email series

=> Goal: Increase email sign-ups

Compile a handful of blog posts (5-7) that all relate to each other and can be made into a series that takes new subscribers from Point A (where they currently are) to Point B (where they want to be). These blog posts may need to be tweaked to make the most sense in a series of emails, but do not make this too complicated! Your email provider should offer some sort of automation for emails. If it does, set up the series so that the emails go out to subscribers on a daily or weekly interval (whichever you prefer) the instant they sign up. Now that that’s set up, you can use this as a lead magnet to get people to sign up for your email list (Sign up to get my 7 day organization domination series). Once they sign up, the automation series starts for them and they’ll get emails based on your old content! This then translates to them being on your email list, and you can marketing related products or services based on the email content.

2. Re-work and submit as guest posts to other blogs

=> Goal: Increase exposure and reach

One of the best ways to get even more exposure and potential clients is by expanding outside of your own network. Consider some of your favorite blogs and find out which ones take guest blogs. Then spruce up your best blog posts, create a bio that links back to your site, and submit, submit, submit! Not only does this get you in front of new eyes, it gives you leverage as a professional to be able to say, “my work has been featured in ____.”

EXTRA CREDIT: Create a special landing page on your site for each accepted guest post submission. In your bio, mention that you have a special freebie (maybe your email series) specifically for that blog’s readers, and send them to your landing page. It’ll make a very VIP impression on readers.

3. Create e-books

=> Goal: Create passive income from products

This is one of my personal favorite ways to re-purpose content, because it’s a much more direct way of making money without doing actual client work. The same way you’ve collected old posts that relate to a similar topic for the email series, you would find related posts and create an e-book based on the overall topic of those posts. You can spruce it up by including worksheets, great graphics, and more. Setting up and selling products on your own site is very easy nowadays – selling on Amazon is not a must. I recommend DPD (link: for selling digital products on any site you like.

4. BONUS: Automate your social media posts to keep your content on permanent rotation

=> Goal: More social media traction

If you use WordPress, stop what you’re doing right now and go install the Revive Old Post plugin (link: to your site. This plugin takes about 10 minutes to set up, and once you’re done, your old blog posts will be Tweeted/Facebook’d as often as you’d like without you having to do any manual work.


Tiffany BreyneTiff Breyne is a web designer + developer, and the author of two e-books (Meh to MEOW and Hobby to Money).

Learn how to create an e-book from your blog archives (with step-by-step guides, start to finish) by visiting

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  1. Jennifer Myers

    These are great tips! I’ll definitely be sharing these. I love how actionable they are, we could all run off and do them right now!

  2. Sarah

    Brilliant ideas, Tiff! You’ve shared some very good, actionable ideas. Now to get on it 🙂

  3. Meg @

    Love the e-books idea — it’s got crazy longevity to it and can lead into bigger opportunities. Great if you’re trying to break into the book biz.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Scott Annan

    Hey Tiff – these are great tips. If the blog content is instructional people can also create a free guide on Just fyi 🙂

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