4 Replies to “LIVE Video – The Revolution in Social Media Marketing by @DinaArsenaultPR”

  1. Dina Arsenault

    Hi Angela. Honestly the first step is just finding the courage to just do it. Put your own issues of not looking perfect or being perfect aside and just take the plunge and be real. It’s your realness that your followers or potential customers will relate and respond to. Once you do that and get over that hurdle, set up a consistent schedule on a designated day and time and chose a topic to present on each week or month or what ever your schedule is. Promote it before hand so people know when to tune in and or ask you questions to cover during your segment. Always start and finish by introducing yourself and your company name. Most importantly, take a breath and have fun. That is how you connect with your audience. Hope this helps, by all means let us all know when you do one so we can tune in and root you on! ☺

  2. Pavlina Toren

    I loved reading this I have to admit live video is so out of my comfort zone, it is something I need to do though.

    1. Dina Arsenault[ Post Author ]

      So happy that you enjoyed it Pavlina! When you do decide to go LIVE, let me know I would love to tune in and cheer you on! If you ever need any tips for your first time, let me know I would love to help. 🙂

      1. Angela @ Setting My Intention

        I would love some tips for doing FB Live for the first time! That’s been a goal of mine for the last few months. I was using the excuse that the kids are home for the summer so I couldn’t find a quiet place but now that they’re in school I don’t have an excuse!!

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