The Perfection of Imperfection by @AskJoshsMom

Photo Credit: Parvin ♣( OFF for a while ) via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Parvin ♣( OFF for a while ) via Compfight cc

by Rossana Snee

Are you Perfect or Flawed? If someone were to ask you that question today, what would you say? How would you describe yourself to a blind person, on the phone, or a If you described yourself accurately, you might not be telling the truth, because often you don’t see yourself in the best light.

When talking about yourself, you might feel it necessary to describe all your “flaws.” But are the “flaws” really a bad thing?

The Japanese have a term–Wabi Sabi–derived from Buddhism. It centers on the “acceptance of transience and imperfection.” From the standpoint of Wabi Sabi, a frayed quilt, a tarnished copper bowl, or a scratched wooden floor, is more beautiful because of its imperfection. Cracks and crevices, dents and wrinkles, all marked by time, are perfect because of it, not in spite of it.

The concept of Wabi Sabi, if embraced, can be freeing. The chipped tooth, the broken nose, the scarred arm . . . all mark time and experience. Those are the things that make you Unique, unlike anyone else. In the spirit of Wabi Sabi, it is authenticity that is held in reverence. Imperfection is perfection.

Regard the Rose. It is stunning in its perfection. The colors, its scent, all beautiful. But also regard the thorns. They can prick you and make you bleed. Is the Rose still perfect?

The Perfection of Imperfection is that it frees you from the pressures of constantly striving for the unattainable–a perfection that does not exist.

Embrace your “flaws” because in those lie the perfect you–the authentic perfection that cannot be stripped away. All it can do is bare your true Beauty.


Rossana SneeAbout the author: I am a Marriage & Family Therapist. My goal is to help young 20-something women find themselves and become empowered. I endeavor to motivate and inspire people to be their best self. I run a group called An Afternoon With Josh’s Mom where young women have the opportunity to ask for guidance on any issue they might have.

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One Reply to “The Perfection of Imperfection by @AskJoshsMom”

  1. Judy - Pedagogical Artist

    Simply beautiful, Rossana. Love the concept Wabi Sabi. And who’s to say what perfect is anyways? You mention of scars and dents and wrinkles reminds me of a beautiful story of two water jugs with which a woman would fetch water from the well and bring it home every day. As she always carried each jug in the same hand, along the path where the cracked jug was grew beautiful flowers thanks to the daily drizzle from the jug, while the other side remained barren. So, once again – what is perfect?

    Thanks so much for enlightening and creating awareness!

    HUGS <3

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