Personal Branding on Instagram


by Jeannette Bridoux

While growth is crucial for building your online presence, the foundation is your branding.

Here are my top tips for building your personal brand on Instagram


1. Get inspired by other influencers

Make a list of people in your niche who you aspire to be like and who also have a similar audience.

Use to find their best-performing content so you can gather new content ideas to get tons of likes and comments.


2. Create your icon

Whether it’s simply using a specific color in your posts or using the same set of emojis, you need to establish what your iconic thing will be so that when people see it they think of you.

Sometimes, it’s your unique look. Most people know me for my blue hair.


3. Establish a Theme

You need some sort of consistency with your Instagram grid, so it creates a holistic image of your personal brand. For me, I post a lot of videos of my vlogs as well as pics of my various manifesting journals and planners because that’s a big part of my life.

What interesting things can you share with people online so they can get to know the real you?

✨Preview & Planoly are great tools for planning out what your Instagram grid will look like before you post.


4. Use your Instagram Story & Highlights

Since Instagram added stories, people are now more likely to look at your story before your latest posts.

Instagram stories are great for posting short content with a call to action.

– Swipe up to watch (10K+ Business accounts have this feature)
– Check my link in bio for my latest blog
– See my featured story now to get the latest details

✨ Plus with Instagram story highlights you can feature your important Instagram stories which promote your newsletter or latest freebie.


5. Show your face

Unless your personal brand icon is you specifically not showing your face, like @thenakedprofessor, then your face should be prominent in photos you take.

People connect with people. By showing that beautiful face of your followers will feel like they know the real awesome you.








Jeannette Bridoux is an Instagram Growth Expert & Personal Branding Mentor.

She is the founder of Gold&GlitterCo, an Instagram Growth & Marketing company, and co-creator and mentor of the Dream Team Secrets Inner Circle, an online Instagram Mastermind group.

She’s a digital nomad who enjoys speaking, traveling, and advocating for mental health awareness.



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