Your Personal Brand ‘Look’: A Do-able Roadmap to Getting the Look You Want by @speedk

by Kim Speed

Do looks matter? Does the way you dress have any impact on the way you are perceived when you enter a room? After all, haven’t we heard that we should not judge a book by its cover? On a philosophical front that may not appear to matter that much, but in the real world it matters a great deal.

Why? Because the way we dress and look impacts the way we feel – and when we are feeling good everything else falls into place – That inner confidence is the trick. So, what are some simple tips and strategies to get our look right without spending a fortune.

Pay Attention. What is attracting you?

How about some online window shopping? Pinterest is a good start. What calls out to you? What types of clothes, colours, styles? What type of make up? Also, what does not attract you? Take some notes – save some images that you find appealing, in a folder so that you can prepare for your next step.

Identifying who you are

What are some key characteristics that describe you? Warm? Funny? Adventurous? Serious? How do you want to show up in the world? What is the perception you want people to have? You could even ask your friends to share 3 or 4 adjectives that they think describe you best.

Compare and Contrast

Now take stock of your existing wardrobe. Do the colours and styles reflect the adjectives you described? This is meant to be intuitive. So, have a little fun with this. How does this compare with your Pinterest exercise? How much of your wardrobe is what you liked on Pinterest? Is there any gap?

Once you have done this Sherlock Holmes on your wardrobe, it is time for action.

Retain and Remove

You may feel the wrench when you start on the remove part –a good rule of thumb is to see what you have not worn for over a year and put it in your remove basket. These MUST go – So you can make room for new things. It is better to work with a list and do some planning. What are your retain items – take some pictures on your phone so that you can have some targeted shopping.

Get some expert advice

Set aside a budget. (And it does not have to be ‘break the bank’ in all one go. After some initial investment, this can easily be an ongoing project) – Do some Mall window shopping first – Which brands call out to you and which ones have stylists ready to help as a free service. Show them the pictures of what you like, and items from your retain list as well so you can complement what you already have. One gets a good feel about good stylists as well – those who will be good for you. They can work within a budget and help you come up with an ensemble combining sale and new items.

Remember accessories…and let’s not forget shoes

That is the icing on the cake – the shoes, the bracelet, the scarf, that dash of color, that signature piece of jewelry. Putting these against the clothes really helps to decide what goes well and for what occasion.
Your work and planning will pay you dividends – Your personal brand is reflected in the way you look, and you are ready to walk out a new you.


Kim Speed is the author of the book, “Branding on a Shoestring”. After a successful career in the advertising world as Creative Director at a top advertising agency, Kim struggled with a series of ups and downs with her own business startup. Her ‘Aha’ moment emerged when she realized her passion was to help small business owners build and grow their companies with simple, effective marketing. This created the opportunity she needed to live the life she wanted – a business where she lives her values and puts her family first. Visit her website:

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