See How Milkhouse Restaurant Uses Technology To Turn Grilled Cheese Into Big Business

See How Small Business Milkhouse Is Using Technology To Thrive

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Comcast Small Business, but all the opinions are my own.

by Melissa Stewart

I’ve been working with Comcast Business for a few months sharing how their services could help small businesses. From their Innovation 4 Entrepreneurs contest to their resource page, working with Comcast aligned perfectly with the She Owns It audience. This month I thought I’d write an article that shows you their services in action!

When I watched the Milkhouse video on YouTube, I thought 2 things:

  1. How much are flights from Nashville to Philadelphia because YUM that looks good?!
  2. WOW! 300 + customers just at lunch, multiple locations, and cutting edge technology. Impressive!

I also loved owner Shannon Heil’s comments in the video and the overall feel of the brand.

Want a peak into how Comcast is helping a real life small business? Read on.

Milkhouse is a quality focused concept restaurant in Philadelphia serving grilled cheese, fresh cut fries, homemade soups, and milkshakes in a “fast casual” environment. Owners Shannon Heil and Tommy Guest are true entrepreneurs who wanted to make their own rules while serving comfort food.

As their business grew, they knew they needed a fast, reliable internet provider to “do what they needed done when they needed to do it”. Other providers they used in the past couldn’t get it right. Milkhouse needed service “as quick as their presses” and that’s what they get from Comcast Business.

“We felt like we had a time frame to get things done and our business doesn’t work that way. Our customers don’t work off time frames, they work off when they’re hungry.” – Shannon Heil

Comcast Business wireless solutions allow Milkhouse to offer fast, convenient service to customers with reliable POS systems and Internet capabilities.

With fast + reliable service from Comcast Business, Milkhouse can:

  • Offer WIFI powered POS systems to their 300+ lunch customers to speed things up.
  • Owners can remotely access all store locations POS systems to see how each store is doing. It’s very efficient.
  • Allows customers to order at their convenience via iPhone, POS, face to face with a cashier or even over the good old fashioned telephone.
  • Customers who order over the phone can then do a receipt exchange when they pick up. It’s simple and fast.
  • A complete suite of integrated services that allow all partners to be in communication with each store throughout the day.

Milkhouse needed services that were built for business and so do you. Find out more about what Comcast Business can do for you at the Comcast Business Communtiy Page.

And in closing, if you’re in Philly, stop in and give Milkhouse a whirl (try ordering from your iPad) and then lovingly box me up a grilled cheese and fries and ship it to Nashville 🙂

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