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by Jennifer Frezza | Featured Contributor

what are they sayingGone are the days when one would pull out the local phone book to look for a product or service that is needed and/or desired.  In today’s world, one of the very first places that most people will turn to is the Internet.   Search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo help you to find options – MANY options – at the touch of a few keystrokes.

Do you know what your prospects, leads and customers are seeing?

We all hope that our peeps out there love us…. but the reality is that every now and then, you will run into someone who just thinks you suck.  It’s sad but true. Another unfortunate fact is that these are the people who most often yell the loudest and farthest.

This is one of the main reasons why managing your personal and professional reputation online is so very important.  Your online reputation is there eternally, working either for or against you 24/7.  Social Media Marketing campaigns are sentient.  They grow and thrive based on the feelings they evoke.  It is essential to ensure that your message is being received as intended – and to react swiftly if it is not.

We always recommend checking in on yourself at regular intervals.  It is important to know what is being said about you and where it is being posted.  It provides you with an instant snapshot of your reputation and visibility – allowing you to adjust as needed in order to achieve an optimal level for brand development.

 Ways to Monitor Your Reputation

1 – Set-Up Google alerts for your name, your business’ name, hashtags that you regularly use, and campaign names.  This free tool brings the conversation directly to your inbox – giving you the opportunity to monitor what is being said and to act accordingly.

2 – Twitter is a fabulous tool to connect with the world at large. Too often, we meet business owners who automate their accounts and never check in to see if anyone is responding to or mentioning them.  TweetBeep is a free tool that sends you an email whenever someone mentions you, your company or any of your products on Twitter.

3 – Find out what people are saying about you on 100+ different social media platforms  (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc…with this free tool – Social Mention.

Know any other great monitoring tools?  Please share. 🙂


Jennifer Frezza – Social Media Strategist and Marketing Consultant – Montreal (Qc) Canada

Jennifer Frezza - Social Media Fairy GodmotherWhat if you really  could  have a fairy godmother to make your dreams come true? What would you wish for? If you answered,  “a successful online presence”, you’re in the right place, in the right millennium!

As the founder of boutique multimedia agency,  Jennifer Frezza  has one primary role: to develop customized and cross platform social media marketing strategies that get her clients noticed.

Driven by both her passion and in-depth understanding of the varied social media networking platforms – their differences  and  their advantages, Jennifer has created a powerful and effective program for businesses looking to get set-up in social media.  This program is based on Jennifer’s belief in the power behind leveraging strengths and optimizing time.  The social set-up media program is a proven and effective solution for business owners looking to become visible online.

Always at the frontline of social media changes and trends, Jennifer makes it her business to ensure that the ever-changing information and opportunities behind social media marketing strategies trickle down into every aspect of her clients’ business goals.

Jennifer is also the creator and strategist behind  The Social Media Round Table  where she leads groups of entrepreneurs towards the successful development of profitable relationships. Her innovative and proven approach has helped small- to mid-sized business owners from diverse industries.

Practicing what she preaches, Jennifer has a strong online presence herself:

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  1. Chatmeter

    Thanks for the great tips! We agree that it is very important to monitor what customers are saying about your business. There are bound to be people who have complaints, but if you ever come across an unsatisfied customer, make sure you respond to them! It’ll let them know you care and are listening to their needs and concerns.

    1. Jennifer Frezza[ Post Author ]

      Absolutely. One of the worst mistakes that people make is to ignore feedback – either positive or negative.

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