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by Kristal Reagan

If you haven’t met Edgar, you need to Meet Edgar! Who/what is Edgar? Edgar is a really cool online business tool for social media posting. On his web page Edgar is described as: “the only app that stops social media updates from going to waste.”

I can’t explain Edgar any better than they do right here at the Edgar website (get all the details). What I can tell you is that I stopped using HootSuite completely after using Edgar. I can also tell you that I no longer sit agonizing over what I’m going to post on social media and when I’m going to do it. Edgar, for me, is better than Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I really, really like pumpkin lattes! I went from inconsistently posting to my social media accounts to consistently posting social media content. And I only spend about an hour once a month setting up new content based on new content I find or write. The initial setup took me about  6 hours total to plan, create and then schedule into Edgar but once that was done it was set it and forget it. I do check in weekly to see if I want to edit posts and I do add new content monthly in various categories as well as adding my newest blog posts which I can easily do with the Chrome Extension for Edgar!

With Edgar in its infancy, they are getting feedback from users and adding new features frequently. Just last week they launched a new analytics feature (super cool) and easier to read than insights in my opinion. I can quickly see how much engagement a post is getting which is going to be great to help me figure out what posts engage my ideal clients and at what times so I can fine-tune my categories and schedule.

Edgar currently lets you post to Facebook profiles, Facebook groups and Facebook pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They have mentioned over at Edgar that they are working to get more social media posting capabilities. I love that they are truly listening to their clients as they build this powerhouse social media tool.

If you are struggling with social media posting or you’re spending way too much valuable time posting new social media content to only use it once, here are


6 Reasons why you should give Edgar a try:

1.  Edgar takes the burden out of social media by letting you set up a schedule so that while Edgar is posting to your social media accounts you are building your business.
2.  Edgar recycles your valuable content so everyone in your community gets a chance to see it (it’s not just “thrown” away in cyber land never to be seen again)
3.  No more manual scheduling
4.  Easiest social media posting E-ver (straightforward, clean, and easy for the non-technical to learn)
5.  Your posts are recycled for fresh eyes to see, like, and share
6.  With the scheduling tool you can post questions, videos and articles at the best times for your ideal client which leaves you more time to actually engage with them.

Edgar has been a game changer for me and removed a LOT of the stress from my marketing plan. I was able to quickly outsource my social media posting without having to hire a person and so far he’s been there every time I need him with no waiting. {sorry humans} 🙂

With an online tool like Edgar helping you out social media posting will become fun!




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