Take These Three Steps to Grow Your Brand Right Now

Take These Three Steps to Grow Your Brand Right Now


Whether you and your business are new to the game, or you’ve been in business for a while and feel as though you’ve hit a lull, every business can stand to learn a new trick or two. If you’ve been wanting to take your business to the next level, but you’re at a loss for what comes next, try implementing these three easy tips for growing your business right now!


Amp up your cross-blogging. 

Whether your company has a blog or not, writing guest posts for other blogs in your industry can be very beneficial to your business. You get to completely double your exposure by showcasing an article you wrote (that ideally links back to your website somewhere) to a new group of potential customers who haven’t previously heard about you, and might not have heard about you were you not being featured on a new outlet.

If you do have a blog, try and create cross-blogging relationships with other blogs in your industry. Most cross-blogging typically occurs once a month for each outlet, but if you find an outlet that really grooves with your company and vice versa, feel free to establish a more frequent cross-blogging rate. Conversely, if writing a lot of blogs isn’t something your team has the time to do, you can also arrange something that occurs once every couple months. Establishing a cross-blogging relationship with a company in your (or in a similar) industry can often times lead to a partnership down the road that goes beyond simply swapping blogs. 


Stay on top of your marketing.  

A large part of marketing these days is simply being a master of all things social media. The only way to know your way around social sites is to actively partake in them on a daily basis. Never leave your audience hanging during the work week- you should at least be posting once a day to let your followers know you are a serious business with a serious online presence. As social sites continue to change in a non-stop way, the best way to adapt is to keep up and be an active user every day. If you take a break from your social sites, not only will your customers be wondering where you went, but something major could change that you may not be accustomed to upon your return, setting your business behind its competitors.


Update your company culture.  

Typically, behind every strong brand is a strong team of employees. The most successful businesses have a group of employees who not only get along, but who work together for the betterment of the company. Achieve this ideal company culture by paying special attention to who you hire. On top of skill sets, really think about how these potential employees will mesh with the rest of your team.

Don’t be afraid to liven things up by keeping the office a fun, warm place to be. Celebrate birthdays, watch major sports games together in the break room, take office field trips to the nearest frozen yogurt establishment on the hotter days this summer- don’t be afraid to get creative!




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