The Importance of Time and Space Boundaries in Your Workspace

You’re tired, exhausted, and anxious, yet you keep fighting to advance in your career, a draining battle between your feelings and ambition to achieve your goals.

Working long hours with a lack of sleep is leaving you feeling drained and stealing your energy, creativity, and productivity – sound familiar? Then you may find yourself constantly on the edge of feeling like you’re never able to catch a break.

These are all common experiences from professionals as they progress through their careers.

Many people lack time and space boundaries between work and home life in today’s world. This may create high expectations or feelings like you have to be a superhuman to succeed, paving the way to burnout.

Why are boundaries important?

Establishing boundaries is crucial as you control how you spend your time outside of working hours. Set clear limits as to what constitutes too much work and communicate these to your leadership.

Place boundaries on the time and space you occupy to give yourself back control of your life.

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Time Boundaries

Technology can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, technology enhances skills and the ability to complete tasks, while on the other hand, it can be detrimental to time boundaries.

Various communication sources such as emails or calls open doors for more work and lack of privacy. The constant contact and availability have created a culture of never-ending work.

Creating boundaries with technology is a delicate balancing act for modern-day professionals, including communicating your availability to your leadership and coworkers. This may also include turning notifications off or setting your phone on “do not disturb.”


Space Boundaries

Establishing space boundaries means taking back control over the amount of work you do outside of working hours.

Consider putting yourself in a work-free zone.

It’s easy to slip into an identity that’s consisting only of your career, including carrying your office in your backpack anywhere you go. However, by dedicating specific spaces for specific activities, you’re giving room for various purposes. 

Consider creating other space boundaries to signal your brain that you’re transitioning from work to your private life, such as having dedicated home clothes and work clothes or checking emails only in your home office space.

Don’t let your career rob you of your home life.

Even worse, there’s also less tracking of how much you work with no time or space boundaries, meaning you likely work a lot more than you’re supposed to, at questionable hours.

In short: there are barely any restrictions anymore to when, where, and how much someone can work. With this, you slowly lose control over your life and you can only get back on track by establishing boundaries.

Consider career boundaries as an essential part of your self-care — so don’t forget to put boundaries in place as a way to care for yourself.

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