Three Steps to Solopreneur Sanity


What motivates you to work on your business every morning? Is it getting up at 6 am to meditate, doing your 30 minute HIT class, writing your gratitude journal and blending a superfood smoothie before the sun has even risen? Be honest, is it really?


Jeez Louise; just reading this could leave you feeling exhausted!


Or, do you wake up in the morning and think, ‘I’ve so got this today’, but by just after 9am, you’re in a catatonic state of how the actual feckety feck do I tackle any of this right now? You’ve got to get packed lunches made, the kids to school and battle with clients chasing for a status report.


How often do we set ourselves up to fail on the day, before it’s even started?


The first hour of our day dictates the next 23. In the first hour we can choose to set ourselves up to succeed, we get to choose our mood (not let it choose us) and by starting the day realistically, you have more chance of getting through it without rocking in a corner of the kitchen – yes we’ve all been that person at some point. So here are Three Tips to Starting The Day Right and achieving Solopreneur Sanity.


Give yourself permission to get things done

Step one is to simply give yourself permission to do the work and give yourself time to figure it out. Step one is simply to understand how to start your day, your way, that suits you. It might be getting up 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the house to have a coffee in peace. It might be checking your emails before the school run. The key is to figure out what suits you and then create a realistic, achievable habit that fits into your routine, your life, your schedule. And stick to 30 minutes – not two hours.


Write sh!t down

Writing is a game-changer. If you’re paralysed by the feeling of overwhelm, start the day by offloading onto paper. Trust me, scribbling down whatever nonsense that comes into your head every morning will help organise your thoughts, give you a sense of direction, remind you of the why that sits behind you and your business, and a sense of how to tackle the next challenge.


Practice makes progress

Discovering the right approach to keep you and your business thriving isn’t going to spontaneously manifest itself. You have to do the work, do the research, find what works with you, for you – and then here’s the sticking point, keep at it. Make it a habit, and one day you’ll wake up and find that your how comes a little more naturally than it did the day before.

And remember, only YOU can choose your mood, choose how to start your day and define that first hour.

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Sarah is a mother of two based in Manchester. She is also a certified NLP Practitioner, specialist trainer and business mindset consultant with years of front-line experience that she’s harnessed to help support and develop individuals and their organizations.


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