Top 5 Women Speakers to watch in 2021

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Women Speakers to watch in 2021, watch for these ladies coming to a stage near you!

      1. Audrey L. Walleser. This mix of Clara Allen-Beth Dutton-Cady Longmire-Elizabeth Cady Stanton-Calamity Jane & Xena is making her way onto the stage with a message of safety and disaster preparedness.  This amazing lady speaks on Playing the Odds.  It is not a matter of “If”. It is a matter of when you will be affected by an emergency. By preparing, planning, and practicing. You improve your odds of survival.
      2. Darlene Corbett. Although Darlene has been on the speaking circuit for many years, her topics on impostor syndrome are more than applicable today.  With over thirty years of experience working with professionals to alter their mindset and get unstuck, she is the master of getting people out of their own head and into their life.
      3. Cynthia Ackrill, M.D. is a leader in the field of stress mastery and an expert in the critical connections between lifestyle choices, performance capacities, leadership effectiveness, health, and happiness. As a physician trained in neuroscience, wellness and leadership coaching, she brings a unique and holistic perspective to what it takes to truly thrive. Stress management and wellness are two topics that resonate with our world today and she rocks the stage talking about both.
      4. Grace De La Rosa. Whatever difficulties you may be facing, just know that you too can experience a healthy life full of good health, joy, accomplishment, and peace.  That is what transformational coach, cancer survivor and acting and voiceover talent, Grace De La Rosa says.  This mindfulness expert is out to change the way we think and live.
      5. Bria Byrd. She may be the youngest speaker on this list (15 years old) but she has accomplished so much with her children’s book, These heels are made for talking.  Bria takes her vision disability and pageant experience and she is educating audiences online and in person with her amazing story.



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