Increase your net worth - Sarupa Shah

3 Ways to Increase Your Net Worth by @SarupaShah

by Sarupa Shah | Featured Contributor

In heart centered discussions there is much said about net worth, wealth consciousness and prosperity. Maybe you have read about the truth that the universe is abundant?

Yet from all that is read often very little is truly understood and applied and as the saying goes, it’s not what you know it is what you do with it!

If you find you are struggling financially or just not getting consistent cash flow in your business, yet everyone tells you what you are offering is wonderful…then why are people not flocking to buy your services…I have 3 ways for you to increase your net worth.

Increase your net worth - Sarupa Shah

1. Daily spend time focusing on the value you bring. This means giving up what you think you can’t do or what you think you didn’t do good enough. Learning is great but focusing on what you don’t want and where you think you are not good enough impacts on your self-worth and wobbles the value you truly do bring and that in turn radiates out to the world and simply makes you unattractive to others!

2. Use affirmations! Although you are affirming something in every moment, in being deliberate about what you want to affirm AKA create in your life, you are shifting your energy throughout your whole life. It might feel odd to start off with to tell yourself, that what you offer is attracting your ideal clients to you easily and effortlessly for example, but that is probably because (a) you are not used to it and (b) because it is the energy you are claiming for you and that is how affirmations are they are what you become and experience!

3.  Give up giving it all for free! Too often heart centered and conscious business owners and more give away in the hope that it means people will love them, need them and pay them. This means that it is undervaluing what they do and opposing a fundamental purpose of being in business. We all give tasters, I am giving this article and sometimes give free webinars and do a lot of video training, yet they are part of a strategy where I am adding value to readers and listeners and giving them the option to get more as that is where they will get the most value and transformation. If you gave away your store for nothing, nada…then how would you live and how would you truly be allowing others to see their own value. If you value you, you will not give it all away and you will also invest in you. You either tell yourself you are worth it or not and you either tell yourself your gifts, what you offer is valuable or not…!

What would you add to this?

What are you going to take from this article and implement in your life?

Sarupa Shah

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