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by Becky Jorgenson | Featured Contributor

How to use your keywords in your blog post

Now that your keywords are all figured out- it’s time to get them to work for building traffic.  The easiest way to do this is to use it in your blog post.  Your blog post content is where google and other search engines know for sure what you are talking about and helps viewers find you when they are searching for the topic you are writing about.

The flow of the content should be natural.  You shouldn’t stuff the content with a bunch of keywords thinking that it will be picked up and give you more authority.  We are not robots, we are people who write with a certain style and the search engines can tell when we are just adding keywords in an un-natural way to get ahead.  Keywords should be used naturally.

The blog post should move smoothly and should make sense.  Your readers will enjoy following you too if you aren’t too over the top with keywords and they can read your post without being thrown off by weird combinations of words.

There are a few spots which your keywords should show up.

Title— your keyword should be used in your title of the post.  Right off the bat, you should have it in the first sentence that the search engines look at and also your viewers.  It lets both know what the whole article is about.  If you can- make this eye catching or intriguing to the reader.  This will entice them to click on the post and read more.

Content– this is where you can naturally input the keyword.  You will want to use it again in the first paragraph of the article.  Since you had done a little research on keywords already, you will have 2-3 additional phrases or keywords to use in addition to the main keyword.  If you can separate topics by the keywords and use them as a Headline style of font, that will help even more.  Don’t go too overboard with these, as you want to keep things natural, but if it can be done smoothly, do it.  Use descriptive words with your keyword.  This helps narrow down what you are talking about and helps search engines share your link with others who are looking for that specific topic and niche also.  You will want to use the keyword and additional words at least once each, up to 3-4 times.  More than that and your readers will notice.

Photo—alt tags.  This is where you will want to put the keyword for the article.  When using your own photo, change the file name to the keyword and the alt tag also.  Don’t repeat the same keyword with each photo.  This is again where you can use your additional phrases that you had found and used in the content of the article.  The search engines have no idea what the image is about.  Your file name and alt tags is the only thing it has to give it a clue.  Make sure you use this spot to better your authority with the subject.  Viewers are now searching by image, and if you don’t have it properly tagged, you will miss out on searches, clicks and views.

Tags and Categories—After writing your article the tags and categories of the article can help it also.  Make sure you place the article in a proper category, relative to the topic.  Tags can be used to narrow down your topic.  Use descriptive words here to tag the article.  Use words that a viewer might be searching and help find your article.

Keywords can be a little tricky to use naturally in your article, but with some great writing skills and using them correctly, you can grow your audience by helping them find what your article is all about.

Do you have any other suggestions for using keywords in your post? Share them.

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