Why Money is the Best Worker You Will Ever Have

Why Money is the Best Worker You Will Ever Have

by Georgette Rowland Osborne

Each day, I see remarkable women changing lives in the workplace. They are talented, hardworking and inspirational.

Astonishingly, the majority of working women do not receive the financial rewards that reflect how accomplished they actually are.

We blame sexism, the glass ceiling, work/life balance and a host of other reasons. If you feel you fall into this category, there are two factors you may have overlooked. These factors are crucial if you are ever going to be financially secure.

1. You need to get past any feelings of guilt about wanting to earn money
2. Be willing to give money the respect it deserves as a tool to improve your life

The first point is an emotional one, which I will save for another time.The second is easier to achieve if you consider the following:

The more you have, the more you have

The benefits of money compounding are tried and tested. However, the statistics show that only a few people save their money regularly. And women are less likely than men to have savings. Even small amounts put aside on a regular basis will accumulate substantially over time. A reserve of money provides not only financial, but emotional security.

Money doesn’t argue or to leave you

Retaining staff or team members is a challenge for the best business person. Losing them can hurt your business. More so if they directly or indirectly create income for you. When you put money to work, you can sit back and watch it take care of business. Provided you put it in the right place to begin with. Examples include savings, investments, business ventures and property. You decide what it is. It pays to take advice if necessary, but ultimately you choose where the money goes.

Money makes it easier to give

We can help people close to us by other means besides money. But many of us want to help others in the world. I would love to rescue every child that has no home, I cannot. But money allows me to donate to children’s charities. Who could you help if you had the money?

Money buys you time

Of course, you cannot create more time than is available in a day. Nevertheless, you can create a life where you are able to spend your days in a way that makes you happy. There comes a point when continually rearranging your calendar becomes a fruitless, frustrating exercise. More money enables you to pay for people to help you; and pay for tools to make your life easier. At one time my sole purpose for making more money in my business was to hire my first virtual assistant. I wanted to ensure I could pay them consistently. I went from overworked and fed up, to optimistic and more organised. I managed to finally stop working on a Saturday for the first time in years. Priceless.

Give your money a chance to work for you. It only needs a good plan and a good boss and it will serve you for years.


GeorgetteGeorgette helps overloaded business men and women streamline their day to day business activities with their finances. So that they can reclaim more time and breathing space to concentrate on building the business, the relationships and lifestyle they yearn for. And at the same time feel more secure about what they are doing on a day to day basis.

She is an author, speaker and host of the Firmer Figures podcast on iTunes. She loves cheesecake and embarrassing her children with old school dance moves.

Discover more about Georgette at http://financialgymforbusiness.com and Twitter @PS_FinancialGym.

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