12 Reasons Why Women Make Better Entrepreneurs

12 Reasons Why Women Make Better Entrepreneurs

by Monika Beck | Featured Contributor

If you look at many of today’s businesses, you’ll find that many (although not enough) of them are run by women. Luckily, many women today are starting and running their own companies. Women start businesses in some of the most unexpected places. Some women might start their own alarm companies in Palm Desert. If you’re looking for a San Diego divorce lawyer you’ll find that many of them are women who started their own firm. Also, some women start their own reserve study companies. No matter what line of business women entrepreneurs are in, they see that there are many changes that need to happen in that specific field. Women entrepreneurs strive to bring those needed and refreshing changes to it. Because women tend to bring a brand new perspective, attitude, and skill set toward business like multitasking and organizational skills, it often helps make them better entrepreneurs.

Below are 12 reasons that you can read to see why this is true.

Why Women Make Better Entrepreneurs

1. They Can Do More Things At Once

Many women tend to have great multitasking abilities. They don’t just have to continuously focus on one thing at a time. Because of this, many women can work on various parts of the job at once. This multitasking ability helps them to constantly be on the move and work to keep their company running smoothly.

2. They Show More Empathy

One reason why women make better entrepreneurs is that they are inclined to show more empathy. You’ll find that many of them aren’t just working to make money, but to build relationships as well. They are often more in tune with the feelings and thoughts of their employees and customers.

3. Women Have More Connections and Relationships in Their Work

As mentioned above, women have the tendency to show more empathy. This enables them to make more connections and form stronger relationships in their work. You’ll find that quite a few women aren’t just working for the financial aspect of their ventures, but to help others as well. Due to this, many women entrepreneurs have the ability to make more connections and lasting relationships in their business. This can also help them in the long run because they can have some contacts available if they end up needing help in some aspect of their business.

4. They Make Sure the Job’s Done Right

In many businesses today, jobs are sometimes rushed due to high demand which often can lead to mediocre results. You’ll find that many women entrepreneurs work to make sure that the job’s done right and take their time so they can produce high-quality results.

5. They’re Hard Workers

Women entrepreneurs are used to working harder. You’ll quickly find that they don’t sit around and wait for things to get done. Women entrepreneurs are always on the move and even if a task is difficult, many of them push themselves to complete it. You’ll find that many women entrepreneurs will work tirelessly until problems are resolved.

6. Women Work to Involve Everyone

A majority of women entrepreneurs often try to make sure that everyone in the business is included. If you look at some businesses run by women, you’ll more than likely find that many of the employees are somehow included and encouraged in it. This in return can inspire employees and end up leading to a better business.

7. They Constantly Ask Questions

Many entrepreneurs shy away from asking tough questions with answers that might not benefit them. However, you’ll find that a majority of women entrepreneurs often ask questions, even if the answers might not be what they want. Many women entrepreneurs continuously ask questions to find what is and isn’t working in their business. Customers are the beneficiaries of this because these questions will more than likely give them better services and products.

8. They Ask For Assistance When Needed

Women entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask for help when they need it. This ends up helping to prevent numerous problems from occurring because help was asked for. Because they ask for assistance, it can help women entrepreneurs to learn more. This ends up helping many of them get the job done right because they weren’t afraid to ask for help.

9. Women Plan Things Out More

While living in the present is good you have to look into the future occasionally, especially if you run a business. You’ll find that many women entrepreneurs tend to look more into the future to see how what is being done now will impact it. They also work to schedule things better so everything in the business is organized, like the budget. This helps to prevent unexpected financial and other business issues from occurring.

10. They Have To Go Through More Challenges

Women tend to make great entrepreneurs because of the challenges they have to go through. Many women entrepreneurs often have to do with less money, less time, and more challenges, but that tends to strengthen them. These challenges usually end up motivating them to work to improve things.

11. Women are Creative

Many of the amazing companies and unique products we have today are due to the creativity of women. You’ll find that women often think outside of the box to create things that will help to provide better services and make spectacular products.

12. They Understand the Importance of Family

Many women entrepreneurs believe that family is one of the most important things in life. You’ll find that women more likely to build their business around their family than the other way around. Because of this, many women entrepreneurs usually strive to help give you more time to spend with your family and even encourage it.




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  1. Teddy

    Not cool. Articles like this really make me feel discriminated against. I really don’t think it is right to say one group of people are superior to another group because “women, men, black, young, white, old people tend to…” It isn’t right. This is how stereotypes and generalizations start.

    1. Insha Azhar

      It’s just the way u r reading this article….it isn’t discriminating…..by reading even u can practise out in ur business….not necessary that women can only do…. Just read it in a common way….n u will not feel discriminated….

  2. Anishur Rahman

    Time is now changing.Women are doing great in every industry.If we looking for 10 best entrepreneurs we can see that they are taking part in in every industry even Tech.We should now work together.

  3. Irina Vi

    It really is! Many men after reading this do not agree, but we know the truth – women are the best entrepreneurs

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