The Women’s Room by @mreichcounselor

by Marcia Reich

I stood in my office the other day and felt one of the most unproductive emotions in my repertoire of emotions— Anxiety! I’ve worked in my current office space for nearly eight years and while I have had several “visions” for one of the rooms in this suite of rooms, it has never turned into the space I wanted it to be. In the past year I’ve basically ignored it and now for all intensive purposes it has become a large storage area and a sad waste of space.

It’s time to start cleaning it up but where do I start? And why has it become so important now? I take a few hours on a Sunday morning and sit alone quietly on the floor in this room. And there it is, I have an epiphany of sorts. I think I know what I want to be when I grow up—at least for today.

Two weeks ago I started to collect pictures of rooms that I liked. I cut and pasted images from different magazines, went onto websites like, perused catalogs like IKEA, Ballard, Goldenrod and Pottery barn and then created a visual representation of my dream art studio. It was lovely—it was white, creamy and filled with light. A far cry from what my space looks like right now.

In the past two months I have begun to take HUGE steps to re-focus and re-fine my work life. I know this is leading me somewhere new although I am not quite sure where that is yet. I try to live and work authentically so making life changes is essential. How can I honestly guide others if I’m not willing to do the things I recommend?

One of my most important messages:

When something isn’t working, whether in your personal or your professional life, you MUST take steps to change it. If you don’t, it will just suck all the lifeblood out of you.

Change is painful. As humans, we tolerate the discomfort we know better than the risk of the unknown. But there is no other way to improve your life and work if you don’t open yourself to seeking out new challenges and new forms of inspiration.

Change is where it’s at.

You don’t have to make big changes all at once.

I’m no stranger to change. My penchant for reinvention is what motivates me and excites me about working with midlife women. I will never be content to hang out in a place that is burning me out, depleting my energy and depriving me of being my most creative self.

I’m here in this depleted place and ready to do something differently.

I completed my vision board (beautiful white room) and took a picture (I highly recommend doing this and even using your vision boards as a screensaver). Having a vision in place is extremely helpful. It helps you imagine living and being somewhere else. I envisioned myself working in that “perfect” space. I take notes, jot down my thoughts as they come. The simple act of creating a vision board has jump-started my re-decoration and reorganization but even more important, it’s helping me finesse my future plans.

Realistically, I don’t have the 3,000 square foot loft (in my pictures) with exposed beams, tall windows and light pouring in. I do have a nicely sized rectangular space that with a little thought, creativity and feedback from others I can make into a creative and peaceful space. That gorgeous white room of my dreams would soon be overwhelmed by my creative disorganization. How long, I thought, before ribbons, glitter, pretty papers, pens, markers, boxes and pads would leave that space looking very untidy? I would feel guilty all the time and that would not advance my creativity. I toss that idea.

There are so many other things in that vision board that are useful – specifically the light fabrics, comfy chairs, woven baskets and iron sculptures. The dream room has a lot of texture and exhales calm. I realize that what I really want is a space where women can convene, be creative and feel totally at home doing so. And I have to love being in it and feel calm when I’m there. How can I be a good coach if I can’t figure out how to give this stuff to myself?

And so here I am writing about this new vision and new direction. I’m poking around on the Internet for just the right tables, chairs and baskets. I can’t say that I don’t wish that the loft in that picture was mine but I also know that I have the tools and the creativity to make a lovely rectangle feel like home.

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Marcia Reich

Marcia Reich is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, writer, artist and coach to Midlife women in transition. She is also the founder of The Women’s Coaching Center where she focuses on helping Midlife women discover how to get where they want to go— even when they have no idea where that is.

Marcia has enjoyed multiple careers, including positions in sales and marketing, consulting, writing and design. In her 30’s she returned to school to become a mental health counselor. During her graduate studies she discovered her artistic talent. This discovery has done a lot to inform her work with women. Everyone is creative. Everyone has unexplored strengths and talents. Midlife is a perfect time to discover what they are and harness the energy to make them a part of your life—whether it be in work or play.

She currently blogs for a number of sites on topics related to work, play, midlife and family. Most of the time she does it with a bit of humor and levity —life without a bit of humor is just too hard.

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7 Replies to “The Women’s Room by @mreichcounselor”

  1. Sydni Craig-Hart

    Thanks for this article Marcia! I love that you said “You don’t have to make big changes all at once.”

    For many years, I had the goal EVERY Monday of re-organizing my life… and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I couldn’t get it done. (You can be SO naive in your 20s! 🙂

    Finally I realized the exact point you mentioned that “You don’t have to make big changes all at once.”

    It’s much easier and makes much more sense to tackle projects bit by bit. Sure it takes longer, but that’s life, right! What’s important is that we make progress and embrace the changes we need to make.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective on this!

  2. Sherri Garrity

    While I have always been able to “work” anywhere, I know I do better work when I am relaxed and comfortable. When I started my business in my home office it became especially important to have a work area that I want to spend time in, that inspires me and that is defined apart from the rest of the house. Lately I’ve been wanting to rearrange it – you’ve got me going now!

    1. Marcia Reich

      I’m adding a comfy couch and chair even though it functions as an art room. I found great slip covers that are washable. I find that having the couch allows people to sit in a relaxed space and take in their own work in a way that they were never able to before. Go for it and rearrange your space.

  3. Amy Kinnaird

    I believe you were looking in my windows! My work space is cluttered and sad…this post gets my mind rolling about how to take my own little box and make it into what I want. I intend to create my dream space, and then figure out what components of that I can bring to life here.

    Great inspiration!

    1. Marcia Reich

      So glad you enjoyed it. I use vision boards all the time. I am now using them to develop ideas for the re-design of my website. Stay tuned. I find that you can use them for just about anything.

  4. Mindy Crary

    I love hearing about this process and I never thought of doing a vision board for a room! Love this post :o)

    1. Marcia Reich

      I’d be happy to send you some pictures! It’s been a wonderful process and the room is still unfolding. Thanks for commenting

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