The #1 reason you’re not making strides in your side hustle

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4 Replies to “The #1 reason you’re not making strides in your side hustle”

  1. Debra Eve

    Nailed it. Just discovering this for myself and it’s a huge. Changing scattered habits is so hard, but I’m determined to mastesr the art of focus (and I do believe it is a skill that can be learned)! Great piece, Tanea.

    1. Melissa Stewart

      Same here Debra! Just got back from a conference and decided what I’m doing just isn’t working. Time to focus and make some magic happen.

      1. Tanea

        Yes Melissa, go get em! Thanks for reading.

    2. Tanea

      Thank you so much for reading Debra. And yes, it can be done. Old habits do die hard, but the results are so worth the effort. Best of luck to you!

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