3 Brand Building Things You Need To Do Everyday by @shadeyaabirago

by Shade Adu

To be a successful brand builder, entrepreneur, or an overall successful person in life, here are 3 things you need to be doing on a daily basis.

Focus on income generating activities:

If an activity isn’t making or helping you make money, you need to let somebody else handle it. Income generating activities are activities directly related to you getting a client or bringing in income, and these are what you should always focus on when trying to be a successful business person. Many entrepreneurs earn lower than they should be earning because they spend time focusing on the non-income generating activities, which could easily be delegated to someone else.

Think about what you can do every day or at least a whole bunch of days, to have income coming into your business every single day. To be a full time entrepreneur, you need to have money coming in consistently. It is important to realize that someone needs to be working on your behalf, helping you find opportunities and carrying out the less important tasks, while you focus on the important income generating tasks.

Always follow up:

Always know that the money is in the ‘’follow up’’, so it is important that you always follow up. Following up with clients and customers can be one of the most important business activities an entrepreneur can take. There might be people who wouldn’t want to work with you right away, but would in the future, and it is no surprise that most deals happen on the 8th connection. Get on the phone and call people, get on the computer and send out e-mails. Once you implement a regular follow-up routine into your business, this will lead to opportunities for repeat business which will earn you more income.

Stay connected:

To be a successful business person, it is imperative that you connect and network with people on a regular basis. Relationships play a huge part in success, and people are more likely to execute business with people they are connected to and can trust. Connecting with people virtually online is important as well. As busy as you may be, you should be able to reach out, respond to people on social media, and build that connection. As scary as it may be sometimes to make these connections, you always have to do it. Learn to always do things that scare you, and you will be able to withstand the things you never thought you were capable of, and that is when you’ll begin to see changes.


About Shade:

I help women entrepreneurs brand their greatness and profit from their brilliance by providing tips, tools, strategies, and action plans, coaching, courses, speaking, and training for online branding, social influence, and brand diversity training.

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One Reply to “3 Brand Building Things You Need To Do Everyday by @shadeyaabirago”

  1. Annette Hohnberger

    Great article Shade… I’d also suggest the following:

    1. Read/listen to a great book 30 minutes a day -you have no idea how many implementable ideas I’ve gotten from doing just that.

    2. Following industry leaders -find the top 10 individuals in your field and pay attention to what they’re doing. You WILL get inspired.

    3. Watch out for industry trends and unique angles that you apply to your business.

    4. Meditate and laugh a lot… it helps with stress relief

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