Becoming a well-paid and successful expert in a new country from scratch.


3 lessons I learned in my journey of becoming a well-paid and successful expert in a new country from scratch.


Over the past four years, I have had an incredible journey, starting as an intern and eventually becoming the business owner of a branding agency in the US from the ground up. My dream was to remain in my niche after relocating, and to develop into an expert in a new market. There are several tips that I found to be immensely helpful in achieving this goal:

  1. Find mentors in your industry, get advice and learn from them! Yes, seriously. I started my career from scratch in the USA with an internship in a well-known creative agency. I had a great opportunity to communicate with the company’s leaders and learn essential strategies from them. Create a list of the top agencies, mentors, and leaders in your professional niche and send them a message with your story, your expertise, and how you can help THEM. Also, ask them to give you some advice on how to start your way in the niche, what books to read, what to listen to, and where to get education. It works! I have done it many times in my life.
  2. Don’t focus only on one way of promoting yourself as an expert: it is always smart to have different channels that will strengthen your personal expert brand. I use professional platforms for designers, LinkedIn, Instagram, Website, guest posts, collaborations, participating in competitions.
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate. You never know where you’ll get answers to your questions, new clients or important lessons. Yoga class, small talk in grocery, professional event, even social media!

Anastasiia Glekel is an art director and founder of a branding agency based in Los Angeles. She has an extensive background in the branding, marketing, and PR fields, both in the USA and internationally. Anastasiia has two degrees – one in public relations and a second in Graphic Design from the British Higher School of Art and Design – and has worked for an award-winning creative agency in Los Angeles with world-famous brands. She knows how to create strong and timeless brand identities for small businesses and startups that will help them succeed in the long run.

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