3 Limiting Beliefs You Need to Crush Right Now to Start a Successful Business by @thekatiesully_

by Katie Sullivan

Ah, good ‘ol limiting beliefs. We all know them well, whether we’re aware of it or not, especially as women entrepreneurs. From day one we’re taught that business is for boys, and sadly, too many of us grew up believing that was true.

But there’s one thing all successful business women must do before they reach success: they must reckon with these limiting beliefs. Success in business can only come after you become who you need to be to help others and yourself.

And as an extra-special cool bonus, when you rid yourself of these thoughts that hold you back, not only do you soar in business, but in other areas of your life too!


Here’s 3 limiting beliefs you need to crush for success in business, and in life:


  1. I don’t have any talents

I used to be an opera singer (yeah, for real). After performances, audience members would always tell me, “You’re soooo talented! I wish I had talent, but I could never do that!” I would always reply, “You absolutely DO have talents! They may not look like mine, but I promise you they’re there.”

Look – singing opera is a SKILL. I did not wake up one day with an innate ability to sing a high C. I practiced and honed the skill over many years. Through this process, I learned the value of education, mentorship and practice to develop other skills that have served me in my business.

If you look hard enough, I am positive you have gifts of your own. Maybe it’s your magnetic personality and networking capabilities. Perhaps it’s your impeccable eye for sleek, modern, unique design. Or maybe you’re a totally badass sales person and incredible leader!

All of those things are skills that you’ve learned and honed over time to get really good at them. Those count! Start giving yourself credit and recognizing your gifts for what they are.


  1. It’s not worth the risk

People always say it’s not worth the risk to start your own business. Better to get a stable job with a steady paycheck. Who wants all that headache anyway?

Why do we believe them? Fear. We’re afraid of failing – of ruining our lives to an irrecoverable extent.

But here’s the part people don’t consider: what am I risking by not starting my business? A comfortable, but barely tolerable existence where I’ll always know I could’ve done so much more? Now that is a special kind of torture.

The best way to crush this limiting belief is to counter it by asking, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Maybe you have to get a side job to cover the bills. Or maybe you have to move in with your parents while things get started.

If that’s all it is, what’s really at stake is your pride. If your pride is more important than your dreams, then by all means, carry on! But if you’re willing to take a bet on yourself, the results will absolutely be worth it.


  1. It’ll never happen for me

Here I come again with my rebuttal: Why won’t it happen for you? Are you not willing to do the work? Do you just suck that bad that the universe doesn’t care if you sink or swim?

Most people can’t answer those questions, because they know that the original thought never had any clout to begin with.

Legendary business figure Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are correct.” If you think you’re not talented, or lucky, or smart enough to start a successful business, you will (unknowingly) find ways to prove yourself correct.

But if you take that bet on yourself that maybe, just maybe it can happen for you, your entire life can change.


Katie Sullivan is a mindset & creativity coach who helps entrepreneurial-minded creatives turn their passions into a lifestyle. If you’re ready to get inspired, sign up to grab her free Burnout Breakthrough guide, and check out her podcast, Rise Through Strife.


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