3 Reasons Not To Host A Tour During The Holidays by @VRFreeney

Photo Credit: jDevaun.Photography via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: jDevaun.Photography via Compfight cc

by Vernetta R. Freeney | Featured Contributor

The Holidays are a time full of excitement as well as anxiety. But none of that relates to your tour. People ie your potential attendees are not in the mindset to be bothered attending your event. They have so many other things to do during this time. Unless you are an established brand with a loyal following who is willing to not only commit to attending your event but make that investment as well, don’t host a tour during this time.

It’s just not a wise investment for your business. However, you can maximize this time period to keep your potential attendees in the loop about the tour you are planning.

There are 3 very obvious reasons hosting a national tour during the holidays is a bad idea.

  • Competing with Holiday parties. We all get an excessive amount of invitations to Holiday parties. These invitations fill up our calendars. Put yourself in the mind frame of your potential attendees. Would you be able to find the time to attend a tour? As a tour creator, it is important to put yourself in the place of your attendee. It helps to streamline the planning process especially when looking for open calendar dates to nail down.
  • Money is set aside for gifts and family. Who has extra money to attend a tour? Everyone from retailers to small business owners are throwing sales and deep discounts at the public during the Holidays. In a world where not paying full price is attractive, it’ll be hard to deeply discount your tour, compete with buying gifts and still make a profit. You want to make money not lose money.
  • End of the year is chaotic. A lot of people go out of town to visit with family and friends during the Holidays. It would be bad timing to come to a city when most of your potential attendees are off visiting others. You would have made the trip for no reason at all. Unless you enjoy hosting an event with little to no attendees.

These reasons alone wakes you up to using the calendar wisely when setting dates for your national tour. You can have no tour without attendees. You can’t have attendees if you know they will be preoccupied with other events.

If you don’t want to end up losing money on an event, then do not host a tour during the Holidays. Instead use this time to keep your upcoming tour on the minds of your potential attendees. People are taking mental notes on what to put on their New Year’s Resolution. Your tour could be one of those commitments.


Vernetta R. Freeney- Tour Creator Extraordinaire

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