3 Ways to Stand Out on Instagram

3 Ways to Stand Out on Instagram

The truth is, no matter what industry you’re in, the reason you’re not seeing success isn’t because it’s “oversaturated.”

The real problem is that your messaging isn’t clear and you’re not speaking directly to your dream clients.

These 3 things I’m sharing with you in this article helped me scale from $0 to $8k+ consistent months in just 4 months of launching my Virtual Assistant business on Instagram. And no, it’s not just about “niching down.”

For the record, all my clients (except one who was referred to me) found my Instagram page, booked a free discovery call with the link in bio, and then we started working together. I didn’t get my clients from cold direct messaging or sending out email pitches. Neither of these are bad strategies, I just didn’t have to do them and I want to teach you how to level up your Instagram game so you don’t have to do them either.

  1. Your messaging is SO important. This is what’s going to help you attract your dream clients. In a nutshell, your messaging is WHO you’re speaking to, why and how you can help them, and how you’re different. When you take some time to sit down and get super clear on this, it helps you in all the posts you make on Instagram. You know who you’re talking to, what you’re offering them, and why it’s YOU that can help them. Ask yourself what your dream client is struggling with, what solution you have for them, and how that solution will leave them feeling. I love helping people create “I help” statements that then become a part of their messaging in everything they do. For reference, here’s mine that helped me land all my clients: “I help 6 figure women business owners with the administrative tasks they don’t have time for so they can get back to doing what they love in their business.”
  2. Get your branding on point! It’s more than just colors and fonts. It’s about consistency and creating a brand that people recognize right when they see a post. Branding that pops sets you apart on social media! When you’re picking colors, I recommend looking up color psychology and picking colors that align with the dream clients you want to land.
  3. Stop trying to make your feed look perfect. I was so worried about alternating pictures and graphics for my reel covers so my feed looked “cohesive.” I was worried if I started sharing fun static posts, like quotes that I love, and using fun graphics, I would lose the “right aesthetic.” Turns out, that was a lie and my feed is fun and attracting the right people.

Instagram can be such a great marketing tool if you know how to use it. I know the algorithm and all the gurus out there saying different things can be overwhelming. I promise if you stick to making sure you have these three things dialed in, you’ll start to see your draw. clients being attracted to what you’re offering.

If you’re looking for more help, I share even more inside my Instagram Academy.

Kaelyn Marie is a Virtual Assistant Agency owner and business coach. With over 4 years of experience in her field, she’s passionate about seeing other women succeed and creating a life they love waking up to.

Kaelyn is also a wife and mom of 2 kiddos and their favorite thing to do in travel and explore new places. When she’s not helping other women’s businesses scale, you can find her outside with her family and probably somewhere in a different city.

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