It’s Time To Get Back-To-Business For A Profitable 2016!

It’s Time To Get Back-To-Business For A Profitable 2016!

by Melissa Stewart

I love January! January to me is all about fresh starts, a clean canvas, endless possibilities, and last but not least, my birthday!

While many people like to make resolutions, I like to map out a plan for the months ahead. It’s time to get back-to-business to prepare for the year ahead.

When I heard about the Staples #MoreSmallBiz campaign I thought the timing was perfect. I had just read an article and found out a few interesting facts about women-owned businesses:

Did you know:

  • More than a third of US businesses are now owned by women.
  • The number of women-owned businesses has risen 27% since 2007 to 9.9 million.

How about this:

  • The majority of these businesses are one-person companies.
  • Only one in ten of these businesses have employees.

That means that a lot of us are running a one-woman show, at least on paper. The truth is, to be successful and grow, we need a team. It’s crucial for small business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs to build a successful and effective team/support system. We need to focus on what we’re good at (what generates revenue) and outsource the rest.

As we go into the New Year, keep these tips in mind:

You Need A Plan: Create a map for your business. Even if you have a business plan in place, take a step back and review. Tweak, adjust and course correct for the New Year.

Celebrate Your Successes: Have fun along the way! It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re a small business owner. When you meet a milestone (not just financial) or tackle a hurdle, celebrate! Make it a point to do so with friends or family if you’ve done something you’re really proud of. Do something fun and note your success so you can see how far you’ve come and plan the next step.

Don’t Go It Alone: Build your winning team! Remember the 80/20 rule. Spend the majority of your time bringing in new business and building relationships that will help your business grow. Assemble a team to do the rest. Use technology as your employee and take advantage of small business services and resources like the ones offered by companies like Staples.

How can Staples help your small business succeed?

Save Money On The Items Your Business Needs:

  • Staples offers a 110% Price Match Guarantee to give small business owners the lowest prices on their business needs.
  • Customers will receive an additional 10% off the difference between the Staples price and the competitor price.
  • The Staples Business Less List offers the lowest prices on essential office items.
  • Even more savings with weekly deals throughout the year featured in the Staples Weekly Ad.
  • Staples Rewards offers customers up to 5% back in Rewards and free shipping for purchases made online.

The Services Business Owners Need:

  • Staples Tech Services can keep your business up and running. Services include virus and malware removal, PC tune up, data recovery, small business help desk and more, many with a Next Day Guarantee.
  • From business cards, marketing materials and design services, to signs, banners and more, Staples Copy & Print helps small businesses with all their printing needs.
  • Staples Business Loans make it easy for businesses to get the right type of funding faster.
  • A Staples Business More Account provides small business owners with special incentives – including 5% back in rewards and free shipping every day – as well as access to flexible payment and deferred financing plans.
  • All Staples stores offer 7-days a week package drop off for shipping via UPS; select stores also offer U.S. Postal Services to help small businesses with one stop shopping.

There’s An App For That:

Staples recently launched the Quick Wins app to help small businesses succeed and grow in the New Year.

  • With Quick Wins, you’ll easily access your key business metrics in one convenient place. Check in daily, and get personalized ideas on how to make your business grow.
  • Quick Wins gives you real-time, business-centered suggestions that will help you improve your metrics—and your business.
  • Access a community of small businesses like yours, where you can bounce ideas around, share experiences and get feedback from peers at the touch of a button.

When I was asked to be part of the #MoreSmallBiz Squad, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes”. I can honestly say that I’m a very satisfied Staples customer. A few years back I was blown away by their customer service team and I’ve been singing their unsolicited praises ever since.

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3 Replies to “It’s Time To Get Back-To-Business For A Profitable 2016!”

  1. Lori Gosselin

    I love January too! It’s such a fresh-energy time, a new start rife with possibilities!
    I’m not going it alone this year, appropriate since this year I’ll be publishing my book on community building. So I’ve got two paths to follow – one down the marketing trail and one down the business trail. Having so much to do, rather than being overwhelming, is energizing. 2016 is a magical year 🙂
    Nice to meet others who love January as I do!

  2. Corina Ramos

    Hi Melissa,

    I love January for the same reason too. It’s a chance to start fresh and have another 365 days to make something happen :).

    That stats of how many women are starting their own business are amazing and so inspiring!

    Thank you for sharing these tips with us. I agree with all of them. You are right in that it all starts with a plan and celebrating even the smallest success can do a lot for our self-esteem and motivation.

    I tried running my business alone but it got me nowhere. Now that I have someone to help me, I can focus on other areas of my business like marketing and building clientele.

    I had never heard of the service Staples’ Quick Winn but I love shopping there for office accessories and supplies :).

    Thank you for sharing! I hope you’re having a great week.


    1. Melissa Stewart[ Post Author ]

      So glad you found the post helpful Corina! “Another 365 days to make it happen” BOOM! I always love sharing inspiration and information and the Staples back-to-business campaign was a perfect fit. I didn’t realize they had a 110% price match – every penny makes a difference! Thanks for commenting and wishing a great week.

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