What Makes A Business Successful – Beyond the Entrepreneur

What Makes A Business Successful – Beyond the Entrepreneur

by Monika Beck | Featured Contributor

What Makes A Business Successful – Beyond the Entrepreneur

Do you every think about what makes a business more successful than another?

Many entrepreneurs struggle to find out what makes a business successful. There are a plethora of things that contribute to making a business successful such as starting the company in the right place, at the right time, smart and innovative ideas, a great working strategy, brilliant planning, evaluating and executing effective short term and long term goals. Additionally, luck is also a key factor to a successful business.

Some businesses achieve success rapidly, some may grow with time, and others may never succeed. Some people are natural entrepreneurs while others have to work hard at making their business successful. There is no single formula to determine what makes a business successful.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 86 percent of U.S. employees are satisfied with their jobs.

Many theorists argue that the overall success of a business starts with the employee. Every individual, no matter who they are, have a desire for sustenance, shelter, safety, respect, and a strong sense of accomplishment. The companies who invest greatly into the success and happiness of their employees typically have greater long-term success and realize a higher degree of earning potential.

According to the SHRM, employee satisfaction is determined by:

  • Respectful treatment
  • Trust between workers and management
  • Benefits
  • Pay
  • Job security
  • Relationship with boss

It is true that companies cannot make every employee happy. That being said, it is possible for employers to show consideration to their employees’ opinions and needs. These efforts have had proven success with how employees represent the company in both public and private matters.

Employees should be treated as respected team members. Regardless of whether it is in corporate activities, designing of office space, in the purchasing of office and other work environment equipment, and in the scheduling and the arrangement of work hours. The employee is the one who has to spend a great deal of time in those offices, which makes their opinions valid and important.

The best companies spend time and effort on their employee development programs. These companies provide incentives for their employees to thrive and desire to stay with the company. Successful employers provide competitive wages and salaries, profit sharing opportunities, good employee benefits, and refrain from laying off employees during a slow down in the company or a downturn of the economy.

Company policies should force managers to communicate with employees, understand work related issues, and support employees with all available resources. A great manager knows how to both motivate and step back from employees. They must develop a strong sense of recognition and understanding of the job that they are managing. An effective manager knows the value of positive feedback. It promotes employee success and positive corporate results.

The most successful companies thrive on positive management/employee relations. Both the company and the employees thrive. The company essentially provides a contract to provide employees a positive work environment in exchange for the employee representing the company in a positive way.


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