4 Digital Marketing Tips to Help Startups Establish a Solid Online Presence and Achieve Success


by Alma Causey

Starting your business is a big achievement; it gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride. However, when the congratulatory session is over, and the real work begins, there is just a lot of hard work that you would need to put in to make everything work, and ensure you succeed.

In today’s robust and increasingly fast-paced corporate environment, there is nothing more vital than to stay digitally relevant and connected to your target audience all over the globe. You have to understand that remaining a step ahead of your competition while maintaining your brand image has become a bit of a challenge.

This is essentially where digital marketing and online strategies come into play. It is the most relevant and important methodology to maintain, nurture, grow, and expand your online footprint. However, to ensure that you are able to successfully implement your digital strategies, and make sure they stay as effective as possible, you will require the necessary tools and branding elements.

For example, without a good logo design, nobody would know who you are. A great logo design is the face of your business online and a bedrock to your long-term marketing efforts.


4 absolutely important digital marketing essentials to help startups succeed:


1. Create and maintain a consistent brand identity and image

One of the most surefire methods to propel your online awareness is to ensure you have a sophisticated and relevant brand image developed throughout your entire marketing channels as well as communication.

The first step to making this happen is to invest in great logo design. While there is software you can use to design your own logo, it is important to refer to professionals who can really inspire next-level logo concepts that are unique and vital for 21st-century customers.

The main goal of a logo is to display your brand’s identity and the ideology of your business. While logos are typically very small in size and design, the task they are burdened with is immense. You see, your logo will become the primary face of your business in the online stratosphere as well as your digital marketing channels and social networking platforms.

A proper logo design is in line with your company’s attitude, culture, and objectives. It relays a straightforward message to your customers, telling them what you are about. So, for example, if you have a whimsical logo design, your attitude should reflect the same.

For instance, if you run an online leather store or a trendy shoe company, the logo should reflect your creativity, your zeal to provide top-notch and trendy products, and your strive to deliver customization and quality.

A logo design should never send out mixed messages; you need your target audience to recognize you, to trust you, and to remember you.


2. Provide your target audience with a positive and easy user experience

To boost and consistently propel your brand awareness, you must be able to adequately reach your online target audience. Next, it is important to stay connected to them, build trust, and maintain a lasting relationship. You have to continuously strive to inspire them and compel them to stay attached to your brand. So the next important digital strategy for startups is to get a website designed. To provide a seamless, transparent, and positive user experience, your website must:

  • Have fast loading speeds
  • Have an intuitive, responsive and streamlined navigation menu
  • Have chatbots for effective and on-time customer representations and communication
  • Have relevant, unique and informative content (this also includes having a digital newsletter and an email campaign to further solidify your bond with your target audience


3. Post creative and unique content

After you successfully reach your online customer base and have piqued their interest in your brand, the next step is to constantly publish a steady stream of unique and highly relevant, and curated content. The content should be both video and the written word.

The primary objective of posting fresh content is two-fold; you will need it to accurately and clearly state the main purpose and mission of your brand. The second would be to keep engaging with your customers, ensuring they do not lose interest in your brand.

Content is vital to any digital marketing campaign, however, keep in mind that your content should always add value for your target audience. It should be informative, and each piece should highlight how your product or service can help them. In addition, it is also vital to keep your content short and to the point.


4. Leverage the power of popular social media platforms

Social media networks will play a significantly instrumental role in propelling your online presence. They will expand your reach and demographics quickly, and you will even be able to do this in real time.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest will help enhance your brand awareness, convert potential clients into sales, and boost your lead generation.

In addition, it will also help increase your search engine rankings. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss investing in social media marketing. It acts as a larger augmentation of your overall digital marketing efforts.

Think about it, it doesn’t matter how unique and top-notch your content is, what good can it possibly do for you if it doesn’t reach your target audience? You would be surprised to know that when it comes to open rate metrics, Facebook Messenger provides an 88% open rate.

Moreover, according to the same research, the click-through rate of Facebook Messenger is 56%! What this basically means is that your target audience will more likely open links if you send them to them via the Facebook Messenger app.


The Bottom Line

A well-thought-out and precision-based digital marketing campaign for startups, one that appeals to your customer base, will always help propel your online presence and growth rate. In order to connect with your target audience with efficiency and relevancy, nothing is more important than a streamlined focus on developing a consistent brand image.





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